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  1. I bought a couple of genuine keys from the CRT office at Bratch Locks a few years ago. IIRC the ebay forgeries are cut to the right shape but on a blank of a slightly different grove profile. So may or may not fit into any given CRT lock.
  2. Beware that earlier photo of the boat with two centrelines in fairleads. Note how the lines hang out over the sides for a short distance in the photo before coming back inboard onto the roof. A perfect recipe for for the short distance getting slowly longer as you cruise along and the lines slowly working themselves overboard and into the water. An awful risk of them fouling the blade when that happens unless you have the lines impracticably short. I think fairleads on the handrails are a dopey idea. I just attach two lines to the centre eye.
  3. We? You might have agreed to follow some EU requirements, but I haven't.
  4. Thanks! "In the Inland Waterways, the industry as a whole believed that a self-fitted out boat fell under the 5-year rule, ie. as long as the boat owner kept the boat for 5 years, it did not need to comply with the RCD and could be sold legally. However, a recent Independent legal review and clarification from Trading Standards in early 2024 has highlighted that this is not the case." https://www.abnb.co.uk/useful-information/faq-rcd
  5. Where do they say this? Somewhere on their website?
  6. I bet if challenged, they would say the boat is a self-build over five years old, and therefore doesn't need it... Which leads me to think there might be a helluvalot of supposedly self-built boats hitting the market in years to come... With the HIN mysteriously missing.
  7. There is endless confusion. The only way is for you to read them yourself and arrive at your own interpretation. There is no consensus. Or perhaps employ a solicitor if it is that serious. There are two versions of the regulations which I think are different and Alan recently stated are the same. RCD which applies up to 2017 and RCR (which I think have stricter requirements) which took over after 2017. There is no enforcement that I have seen or heard of, but some here claim otherwise. I don't think anyone has ever cited any actual cases of successful prosecution though. A further complication is there is some debate about whether RCD and RCR only apply to professional boat builders and brokers selling new boats, not second hand. A final area for confusion is under RCD, home-build boats without certification could be sold after five years but I think this exemption has been withdrawn under RCR. I haven't read the core legislation, its just something I seen suggested several times in different places. Similarly for the vintage engine exemption. Fine under RCD but not under RCR, some are saying.
  8. I'm a bit worried about this photo. Where's the GRAVY????!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have a brass plaque for the BCN challenge I took part in a couple of years ago. Weirdly, it says the year was 2014.
  10. All excellent suggestions I have to wholly agree with. Further, my grandad (a boatbuilder, albeit wooden ones) used to say the first boat his customers had built was inevitably all wrong so they would get another built. The second would be broadly right for them but it was the third build that was bang on in every way.
  11. If you are single handing then getting off the boat in locks makes even more sense. Then it doesn't matter how much NOx is down there in the lock!
  12. I have only steered a boat with a big cruiser stern twice and both occasions were miserable experiences compared to my own trad stern boat with a proper back cabin. (And engine room, obviously!)
  13. Correction... you could only install this in a pre 1998 boat and then sell it!
  14. And of course a properly fitted out back cabin is useful for far more than storing junk. It has a bed, a table, a stove by your feet when cruising in cold weather, seating and almost everything the trad boatman needed in a living space.
  15. I was posting for the benefit of the OP planning his 60ft boat, not you!
  16. Indeed. The whole trad stern thing makes a lot more sense if you don't have an "engine box". Put the engine in the engine room, forward of the back cabin. The other BIG advantage of this is you shut the engine room doors and get to cruise without the racket of a diesel engine roaring away immediately under your feet. Oh and you mend yer bike on the tug deck at the front!
  17. Just press the "Submit Reply" button once then. Even if pressing it appears not to work, it will have and your post will have been posted. And I agree, probably an Invision bug.
  18. Astounding isn't it? Hoards of people on a lot more than minimum wage will have been paid handsomely to research and draft every one of those 50 or so standards. Probably cost many £ms if it is all added up. Yes there is a bug I've seen many times where pressing the "Submit Reply" button appears to do nothing. The screen continues to appear just as it appears before pressing the button. Except the post was accepted by the forum but not displayed to you the poster. So one presses the Submit button again and the same thing happens. And each button press seeming to do nothing, that other forum 'feature' where consecutive posts by the same poster are joined together, strings the posts made by each (apparently ineffective) press of the Submit button all together creating the multi-post bug effect.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. Think hard about this. Steering an 8ft cruiser stern is not a comfortable experience compared to leaning in the hatches of a trad stern boat. If only because in the trad you have a slide in front of you to put the map on, and yer tea or beer! Cruisers are especially not nice to steer in winter or bad weather as you are 6ft away from shelter and warmth, and especially not when the tiller bar is a bit low so you have to bend over slightly to keep your hand on it.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. 68ft NB by the way. Nice to have the extra space when living aboard.
  23. Not so much an 'urgent probem', but I find when single handing I need to climb up and walk along part of the roof either to get to the lock ladder or to get back onto the boat from the lock ladder, in almost every lock. A roof covered in solar panels would make this quite difficult unless the stick-on type. When I lived aboard I had a row of 600mm wide panels flat along the middle of the roof, giving enough space to walk past them along either side.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. And lots of boaters have been killed by doing it the wrong way, obviously. Or have they? And if not, WTF does it matter?
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