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    As I said in another thread the CC surcharge costs buttons, so I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  2. I've seen it stated that every train driver will get one jumper in his or her or their career, on average. Some will get none, others will get several.
  3. MtB


    Around here on the eastern K&A I'd estimate the ratio of fatty boat to thinny boat is about 1:1 now. Measured by deck area, obvs.
  4. I suspect that *may* not have been the one the 'professional chef' in the programme owned and was talking about...!
  5. Similarly, they didn't build Heathrow Airport in central London either, and that seems to scratch along ok, on the outskirts.
  6. Quelle surprise, as Julian Clary would perhaps say...
  7. Isn't this the same bod who posted that 30 minute video of the recovery of the sunken boat on the Soar, which turned out not to contain any footage of the actual recovery?
  8. Surely its better to ban burning wood than to ban wood-burners. If you ban wood-burners, people will replace them with multi-fuel stoves.
  9. I'd say it depends on where it is. If London: 3 If Braunston: 3 If K&A: 3 If Sowerby Bridge: 3 Anywhere else: 3 Hope that helps...
  10. This seems improbable with no food supply. How do they grow so big on nothing?! Hopefully one of our wildlife experts will identify the bugs shortly, then an examination of their life cycle might suggest how they are getting into the OP's drinking water.
  11. Yes. And perhaps it was even a ubiquitous Morsø "Squirrel" stove which (AIUI) is a "multi-fuel stove" rather than a wood burner exclusively. In fact I think most boat stoves are for coal only, or multifuel. I can't imagine getting much wood into the firebox of my Epping!
  12. Yes I was beginning to conclude the OP's term "auditory tests" was just a euphemism for the crude method of just whacking it with a hammer and listening, rather than using an ultrasound thickness tester.
  13. Curiously they were discussing exactly this on the wireless a couple of days ago, and apparently yes you can. One of the chef bods taking part said, like you, that his top quality cast iron frying pan was better than non-stick pans. Trouble is, the current price of it is well into four figures!
  14. I would imagine he just assumed it based on this phrase in the article: "the picture of the author relaxing in front of his wood-burning stove"
  15. I've long noticed this effect too. Towpath experts pontificating may well be experts, but they are just as likely to be clueless, just like on here.
  16. This is mainly only true if you are a jar of jam or a tin of beans.
  17. Eh? The ultrasound thickness testers are silent to the human ear, I'd have thought. Never used one though.
  18. Point of Order... Particulates from burning wet wood are not threatening the planet, they are only threatening the human beans living on it. Also I disagree with that boater claiming you living in a house is destroying the planet. That's just hyperbole. I think the planet will survive humans burning fossil fuels perfectly well. Its the humans that might not survive.
  19. I'd say the average small house uses a load more energy than a narrowboat, but that energy costs less than the energy we buy for our boats. So comparing energy costs rather than kWhs disguises the fact that narrowboats use less energy as a dwelling, than a house.
  20. Yes totally bonkers. But I wonder if you are too young to remember the railways back in the 60s and 70s before privatisation. My own recollection is of constant strikes and truly abysmal rail services. So unreliable that no-one used them. The dire state of the railway industry was supposedly gonna be fixed by privatisation. It struck me as an over-complicated solution that wouldn't and didn't work. But as I said above, I know nothing about the railways beyond being an occasional user much of my life.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. The same body that funds it, you mean? Do you hold that the railways would thrive if the guvvermint backed out totally? Including withdrawal of funding? I have my doubts. But then I'm an ultracrepidarian where the railways are concerned. In fact where most subjects are concerned!
  23. Hang on, aren't you loonie lefties totally in favour of mass immigration?
  24. It has always puzzled me ever since I was a kid, why everyone striking did not do this instead.
  25. Should have needed at least 26.0v to get you to 100% SoC, assuming you have a 24v boat.
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