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  1. Old twin electrode rectification did rely on the differing surface areas but these were, i understand, prone to false positive results if debris was present so the changed to a different type of FD not relying on rectification, which doesnt do this and which i don't understand yet. It usually uses a separate electrode from the sparker for detection, hence the three electodes on this boiler.
  2. Well given the video shows smooth and solid combustion when the red light comes ON and the gas is turned OFF, I'd say this is actually flame detection failure. I've never encountered until now a boiler that needs electrodes replacing as periodic maintenance, but given the manual demands it, I'd say do it. Then when it still doesn't work, replace the PCB. Check condition of the leads, connections etc first though. I note the PCB notices the flame presence and stops the spark, but also turns off the gas and the red light ON ten seconds after ignition. A suspiciously round figure often used as a threshold period for flame detection. House? Is this installed in a house? Is it running on Natural Gas? Doesn't look like it to me!
  3. Your comment about the spectacular and ever-popular western end of the K&A reminds be of the bloke waiting to get served at the bar in a crowded pub. He turned to his mate and said "Great place this. If only it wasn't so crowded they could sell more beer and make more money".
  4. There's you answer then, just turn the inverter on!! Computer wizz mate of mine was in his home office late one night in winter with his son, who said in all seriousness "Dad its getting cold in here. Shall I turn another computer on?"
  5. Yes funny how she denied any intention of drinking it, but seemed very attached to it!!
  6. I'd say that was an overheat error but it happens rather too quickly I suspect. What does the manual say is the meaning of that red light that comes on as the flames extinguish?
  7. Just been invited tonight at 23.03 to sling our hooks by the Australian children behind the bar in the pub here. After briefly describing the rules to them as were in force in 1976 they seemed unconvinced and insisted we left, saying they were no longer paid after 11pm. What ARE the 'calling time' and 'drinking up time' rules these days???
  8. As other keep saying, this reading is irrelevant. What is the voltage AT THE GLOW PLUG TERMINAL for the n'th time, DURING THE START-UP CYCLE?
  9. "Anode Myths part1." I skimmed your post thanks, but didn't see any myths dealt with. But then I've bin in ze pub.....
  10. No. Forget it, for the reasons previously explained Get a mooring with a 240v shoreline and use a domestic heater. Presumably as you ask for a timer you want it to operate while you arte not there?
  11. No, it looks like this and goes in the fuel line to the unit: But I see there are now two threads running on air heaters that won't start. Maybe I'm confusing the two threads.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. You must have one! Its the fuel pump that goes "click click click" while it is failing to start. You must have one because you are seeing fuel mist from the exhaust.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Because only narrow boats move in any volume, obviously. Thank God.
  16. Frankly, in the long term, an apartment won't. It is a lease not a freehold so its value depreciates to zero over the term of the lease. Probably 99 years.
  17. I was responding to the OP, whose post said nothing about wanting to meet the unique requirements of the shroppie shelf.
  18. And then your go-cart or wheelborrow will have no wheels. Some wheels and tyres could possibly be fashioned out of canal boat fenders, by people who like using the wrong thing for a task.
  19. Why not use the product designed and manufactured specifically for the job?
  20. So yes although I said it in jest, it looks as though the withdrawal of the right to burn red diesel for propulsion will result in massive take up of electric drive of all types for boats. Ranging from expensive and (fairly) quiet cocooned diesel gennies charging banks of expensive lithiums through to £750 diesel frame gennies screaming away on the roof notionally charging a knackered old 110ah domestic battery connected to a washing machine motor connected to the prop shaft. Both running fully legally on cheap red diesel. Isn't progress wonderful. And the worst bit is all these 'electric drive' boats fueled by red diesel qualify for 25% discount on their CRT licence, despite being more polluting than a conventional diesel powered boat.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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