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  1. Well I imagine yer point is 0.2A at 240Vac is much the same thing as 5A at 12v once inverter inefficiency is accounted for....
  2. Do you hold that a boat of say, 20 tonnes displacement on Mars would weigh other than 20 tonnes on Mars then?
  3. Is that a fundamental truth or is it just that Inlander, Shoreline etc only convert badly insulated obsolete fridges? Or is there an inherent inefficiency in 12Vdc compressors compared to 240Vac?
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Yes I often think that, too.....
  6. Why not? The integral might be really HUGE!!!
  7. No, displacement IS the posh word for it's weight!!
  8. Thing is, windows was going wrong for me almost every day when I drew a line under it. The sheer amount of money it was costing me in wasted time fixing stuff when phenomenal and turning into a real handicap for my business(es). Jolly good for you that you have time to twart about with Ubantu and 13 year old Dells. I need stuff tht 'just works' without having to climb the long and steep learning curve that I found came with Linux. I can earn the cost of the Macs in such a short time it was a total no-brainer decision to buy them. Windows was coating me dear so as I said, I gave Linux 24 hrs of my time to prove it was better and it failed miserably.
  9. Disagree to an extent. The OP needs to have firstly the right type of inverter i.e. big enough to be capable of starting the compressor motor, and secondly to have a low enough quiescent current to keep it ON 24/7 without caning the batteries. If both these conditions are met then I agree. But I bet they aren't.
  10. Didn't have to do any of that. Just took the Apple out of the box and it worked...
  11. You're right, if the OP already has an inverter and keeps it on all the time, the 240v is a no-brainer. But if that were the case, they wouldn't have started a thread asking about 12v fridges would they?
  12. Mrsmelly often recommends Mastervolt as a good choice. The Mastervolt Mass Sine 12/1200 for example will run a large fridge and only costs £1,138.00. Suddenly the £12v fridge for £750 looks a lot better value doesn't it!
  13. ISTR Blackrose mentioning his finished boat weighs 33 tonnes, but its wider than yours at 12 ft. When you buy your steel, it will be priced in tonnes and you'll order in tonnes AIUI, so you'll know roughly what the bare shell will weigh.
  14. The motive force for 'gravity' circulation comes from the fact that hot water is less dense than cool water so the cool water is attracted by gravity more towards the bottom of the circuit than the hot water in that circuit. So the motive force is a function of the dt in the system, not the length of the pipe runs. The flow rate around the circuit driven by this tiny motive force is roughly inversely proportional to the circuit 'effective length', and roughly proportional to the size of pipes used.
  15. Well I've fixed one of them for you with a beautifully elegant solution, haven't I !
  16. Me too. When I lost patience with Windows I gave Linux ONE DAY of my time to see if I could get it to work properly in that time. I failed miserably. Really basic problems like getting the printer or scanner to work, IIRC. I binned it along with Windows and bought three Macs. Bliss.
  17. I use mine regularly to see if it agrees with the BMV-702. It never does!
  18. They may well pick it up if someone tells them about it. Local newspapers are always desperate for news content and will generally publish stories about almost anything with a local connection.
  19. Rather like the trope about the Americans spending $millions on a Biro that will write in a gravity-free environment for their space missions, whilst the Russians used a pencil, there is an equally simple solution for Ivan. Put the calorifier next to the bathroom.
  20. Your boat has not had the interior fit-out immersed to a depth of two feet in filthy canal water, from what you say. You just had a wet bilge. A totally different and easier kettle of fish to fry. Or something like that.
  21. One potential reason would be it isn't the OP's boat and it hasn't been stolen.
  22. Here’s an idea. When the ‘boating season’ ends, the fishing season starts. And vice versa. How about that then as a compromise?
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