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  1. As a manager of a marina I encounter people after a deal all the time. Personally I stick to my guns the price is the price and as MJG says people talk and this could open a can of worms for a marina. The only time I would think about doing a deal would be if someone was looking to pay 4/5 years upfront and I would price fix so they didnt incur any mooring increases or Vat changes. Ads
  2. Ads

    Decent Chimneys

    Thanks for the replys everyone. My last chimney lasted a few seasons but like Blackrose said they do rot quickly when used alot. Will have a look for this Barry Adams chap. Their boats only passed me yesterday. Thanks again Adam
  3. Hi all, Im after a decent 18"X6" rolled top chimney or such like. Uxbridge boat centre used to sell the type im after but now only stock the standard Aquafax/Midland chandlers type. Anyone know anyone who makes these?? Cheers Ads
  4. Thanks, Well they are some pretty big waves by Narrowboat standards and their boat and ours coped fine. Have fun!...
  5. Doing the tidal Thames is great we have done it both in and out of Limehouse with no problems. We filmed our friends from the back of our boat heading to St Kats dock last year shows how choppy it can get, this was at high tide on a Saturday lunchtime though. Ads
  6. Ads

    Fuel at Bow

    Thanks Tim couldnt remember what they were called. Ads
  7. Hi Does anyone know if the place that sells fuel around Bow just above the limehouse cut is open on weekends??? Cheers Ads
  8. I use an International Interdeck Grey. Pre mixed non slip paint add abit of black if you wish to darken it down. Ads
  9. Its all going on at Bradford Pool....I have never even heard of the place. Ads
  10. Yeah I think its like half five in the morning or something silly! Im going down with a couple of Fairline Targa's aleady but they will no doubt leave me behind. Think im heading back up on the Sunday from StKats so will miss you WJM Ads
  11. Hey Im heading down from Teddington to Limehouse on Friday 22nd April on the early morning tide if anyone fancys going in company?? Let me know Ads
  12. Ads

    Sea Otter

    We have two of these in our Marina when I see the owners i will ask if they have anything?? Ads
  13. I will admit I use all my 1500lts a week but thats two of us both showering everyday and the washing machine on a every other day. Ads
  14. Its not that I dont believe it but I cant see how that much water could be stored on a 57ft barge? Is it used as water ballast too?? I have a 1500ltr tank on my widebeam that is about 2ftx5ftx8ft and takes up most of the space under the front deck. Ads
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