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  1. Hi-I am moored in Macclesfield at the moment and heading south for the next few weeks towards the T&M-does anyone know of an engineer who would come out and service a Beta Marine? Many thanks for your help
  2. Hi-Heading to Whaley next week and looking for a 14 day mooring in Whaley or Bugsworth, anyone know of any possible spots? Many thanks
  3. ali.h

    Boat & Car

    Hi- I’m travelling from Great Haywood to Barlaston and need my car with me for the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know of any safe (for the car) mooring spots? Happy out in the sticks or in Stone. Hope someone can help, many thanks
  4. Hi,just exploring options as to where to move too next and was pondering wethar anybody has haggled or tried to negotiate with marinas over their moorings fees?? Looking at least a six month minimum term. Surely its worth a go with so many free berths...any success stories out there?
  5. Hi....have a look on my web site for satellite dish's.....i've been using the same one now in about 700 systems all over the country..Martyn....www.travelsat.me.uk

  6. Many thanks for all your helpful replys. How do you find out if they have the 'brick'? And can you recomend a regulator? Sorry a bit clueless about it all Hmm not sure,just moving on to my boat so a little loose on the whole power issue
  7. Forgot to mention-I am looking for a low power one-can you get these on the high street?
  8. Hi-looking to buy one of the above and was hoping to avoid buying a 12v one(seem a tad expensive). Anybody got some recomendations looking at about a 19" or slightly bigger screen size. Would appreciate any help-many thanks. And is worthing spending a bit more on a Kerstan satellite dish rather than less inexpensive ones?
  9. HI-Many thanks for all your replies to the original posting. Its an open system but reading the messages there are plenty of tests to do. Thanks again for all your advice
  10. Got confused, thought you lived on it up there, I am just moving on to a boat on the Cauldon Canal. Do quite a bit of work over that way so was just pondering wethar to move the boat over that way
  11. Hi Alex-thanks for the reply, noticed your location. Is your boat moored up that way? Can you recommend any nice spots if you are? Thanks
  12. Ye water in the system, but thanks Richard for the info-does seem rather obvious now. Is it ok to leave it hot or should i shut it down as soon as the noises occur?
  13. The noise is coming from the pipes rather than the stove, its gravity fed.
  14. Just purchased a boat and left pondering if all the documents I need have been handed over. Could anyone tell me what are the proper documents that need to be exchanged-I have got the mortgage release document from the previous owners and a sheet of paper describing the boat from the builders-have I missed anything? Thank you for the help
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