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  1. It was part of the conversion bringing in natural gas to the UK and creating a nationwide transmission grid.
  2. Unsure ref the date validity.
  3. Column guided do. Spiral guided do not. To complicate things, some column guided had a "flying lift" which was the top telescopic section without column guides. Gasholders are not always big - here was one in Goudhurst operated by one man who did everything gas production wise.
  4. I would guess this interesting image has been published a few times? "On the Wharf at S. E. Barlow's Anchor Docks from left to right are, Mr Herbert Florendine, Mr Andrew Penny (foreman), and Mr S. E. Barlow. The gentleman in the boat, the Long Moll, on the far left is Mr George Baxter, a painter, with Mr Woodhouse on the far right in the boat"
  5. It is (Notts) very compelling in numerous ways. The only thing going against it is the closeness of the 2nd gas holder. But there could have been phases of holders added so this may not be a killer. The "Hanwell" big downer is how close the holder looks to the canal. But the lock flank walls looks the same as google view today as the old image at Hanwell. But this may be the same for a lot of locks (the walls look the same shape looking back). I have to say Chris, I'm 98% certain you are right re-looking at the evidence. Great find.
  6. Notts theory - he is "downstream" of ther holder but upstream of the lock - how can that be? Unless it's camera trickery (reversing) which is hard for me to understand. Bear with me! 😆 Simpsons lock on my map..... he is upstream of this? Edit. Hang on no you said in between locks.......... so could be possible. Will think a bit more in the morning.
  7. The gasholders look too close, below is Notts aerial view in the 20's. Where is the canal? PS the gas holder foreground is very similar Chris! (but this could be Notts ordering gasholder type "X" from the contractors "as used at Southall"). Will look a bit further. Thank you.
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