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  1. thanks chaps...will have a proper look tomorrow
  2. thank you pearley, ray t and cuthound...that makes sense ...not a lot of space under engine
  3. We are next to useless on mechanics, so bear with me, the photo below is a borrowed BMC 1.5 photo from ebay, can anyone tell me the purpose the the shiny brass stern gland looking thing, on the right of photo. We have one on our new boat and also a stern gland near the prop at the back of the cabin. thanks in advance Dizzy
  4. I guess being in huddersfield Harold you'd have to take account of that, we liked the look of the Huddersfield narrow....but avoided because of the number of locks...lol, now we wont be able That would be great, what dog have you got, we have 3 but are leaving them at home for time being, the 2 oldies started with us on the narrowboat, but Im not sure how the youngsterwill react
  5. Hello Peterboat yes it has a BMC 1.5, same as was on our narrowboat only this one is watercooled. We are the Waddingtons moorings, everyone seems really friendly. There has been work done, but still loads to do, we did buy it as a project...lol. Be interested to see other colvic at your moorings, as there is so little information online. We just need to try and keep water out of her asap, and it hasnt much stopped raining since we bought her!! Hope to see about at some point...Im Liz and OH is Paul
  6. Hi Everyone apologies for joining the party late, just bought this little lady, quite a lot of work to do inside and on the wheelhouse, (which is leaking like a sieve), bur have always loved the lines of the colvic...its just taken us 8 years to get back to boating. maybe the 3 of us could start a colvic owners club...lol
  7. dizzyknits


  8. Thank you for replies so far there seems to so many cruisers out there that are petrol, including loads on our marina, they must get round the lack of petrol on cut somehow, up here we are also short of places to get diesel as well, 'Tartan Witch' only has about a 40 litre tank so we are used to carrying 3 jerry cans around with us. Dizzy
  9. yes highly explosive was mentioned!!!
  10. Hello all Once again I would love to hear your views. We have sold our narrowboat and are downsizing (or downgrading!!!!) for personal reasons to a cruiser. Much beloved has been having discussions with various 'boating' customers at work, who have told him to steer well clear of petrol engines. Now one of these customers has a quarter of a million pound seagoing vessel with twin engines etc, which makes the 5000 pounds we want to spend seem a bit pitiful!! Most cruisers I have seen for sale seem to have petrol engines, weather it be inboard or outboard. I would love your feedback while we still have 'tartan witch'.... well until next monday before I become 'persona non grata' on the site ...LOL ps diesel....not diesal!!!!! thank you as always Dizzy
  11. good news... this couple turned up, loved the boat and left substantial deposit and a cheque to be paid in and wait until has cleared.... ...am amazed, but on other hand sad to see old girl go, but then that's just me!!! ps thanks to you all who offered advice, I would have readily taken this up if we had not been successful this time
  12. I asked a while ago if boats really needed to be sold through a broker, anyway we went down route of ads on apolloduck and latterly ebay. I now realise why people use brokers. So far it has not been a very good experience, we have lost count the amount of times we have arranged to let someone come to view the boat and have been left sitting twiddling our thumbs , waiting and waiting..........and waiting..............and waiting All of a sudden their mobile phone is unavailable, is it really too much to ask for someone to text, phone or email that they have changed their minds? Flea bay have this best offer thing on their classified ads.....we were offered 6 quid!!!! I ask you 6 quid......nobody in their right mind would accept 6 quid for a narrowboat no matter what condition it was in lol Well I am now off to meet another potential buyer............well that's if they bother to turn up !!!!!
  13. There is nothing worst, my heart goes out to you We have a cavalier and they are prone to heart murmers again due to 'breed standard', not such a good boating dog though, "arry" on the other hand, cross springer/jack russell loves the boat....we got him from NESSR http://www.nessr.net/smf/index.php regard Dizzy Ps just noticed Ben was a welsh springer, but the english variety are mad as well!!
  14. asda 3 for a tenner! the missus loves them! trouble is we buy 3........we drink 3.....yes we know we have a problem
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