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  1. The problems started above Charlie’s Lock, they have got on today only to be met by two fallen trees across the cut, they somehow got past the first one, last I heard someone had arrived to cut the other out of the way
  2. Bumping this thread, a couple are on the Chesterfield now, is it bad all the way to Worksop, at present they are above Retford and wondering if it’s worth trying to go on
  3. Totally agree with you Tony, the voltage drop in either the earth/return track or the power+ was my main point, I presume boats are not using the ‘smart’ charge systems that control charge voltage in a very tight window to not damage electronic controllers as yet either, even checking voltage drops needs an accurate volt meter as you obviously know
  4. The other thing to have a good look at is the quality of all the connections both on the earth side and the main charge output, most meters read the battery voltage but a poor connection on either path to the battery will cause problems, I have 4 plus years in the motor repair trade and alternators on cars are similar to boats just setup to charge multiple batteries rather than just one 42 years experience 42 years not 4
  5. Thanks all who were involved in the whole idea, it really did keep me occupied, mistakes and all, it’s a great concept as no matter how the real BCN Challenge goes nobody will be able to use the 60 miles, it also gave people like me that have a boat all be it a Willderness Trailboat sat in the garden to have a go at the challenge, a few years ago the small Willderness boats used to be active on the challenge as they are shallow draugted and can travel up very shallow sections. For me it was great and were it to happen again I would definitely take,part as it could be done at any time of y
  6. Not that bothered as I am proud to be last place, has anyone thought about doing it again, if so let me know and I will set about buying some books and maps as the lost 60 miles are definitely very interesting thanks to @Capt Ahab
  7. Really enjoyed reading your cruise log, great mix of fact, fun and superb images make a really readable weeks cruising in all periods of time
  8. Now we are at the destination the virtual boat although short and manouverable seems trapped in the past but we have managed to get off and take a photo, nobody around unless others are trapped in the past, the boat is around but will not come back to present day, perhaps it no longer exists in current day!!!! One last question to the rest of the Virtual cruisers, anyone any idea where we were when this was taken, has caused many discussions this week
  9. Managed to plough my way through the weed with the help of a very helpful chap working on getting rid,of this very fast growing weed, apologise for missing the midweek cruise log but as a beekeeper the swarms are around this time of year.
  10. Today’s Swan made by my wife, it’s made from beeswax foundation, I am a beekeepeer
  11. Yesterday we did have a very cold start to the day, in the picture I may not look wrapped up but rest assured there are many layers on, the boat and range is helping a lot though, taken between Christmas and new year 1986 we also got a bit lost at the start yesterday
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