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    Info on a builder

    The boat I am interested in is from 1997 and a trad back with a beta engine, Alvechurch are currently selling one with a kingfisher mid engine.
  2. Hi, I have seen a boat advertised that perhaps needs further investigation, I was planning to go along and have a look but have no knowledge of the builder listed as M&N Narrowboats. Whilst it is possible to see examples of this builders shells on Apollo Duck some appear to have a very strange stem arrangement, and others do not. I wondered if anyone was prepared to give an opinion as to where this builder used to fit into the market, perhaps a 1 out of 10 rating, 1 being Springer (no offence intended to Springer owners) 10 being Colecraft. (I know Colecraft are not the top of the market, just used the two builders as a bench mark for this question) The shell (trad type, flat bottom 10-6-4) appears to have a reasonable shape but the photos are taken at some odd angles and miss out the stem detail and side views. Thanks

    Lionheart No 2

    Following our brief chat on the Shroppie, we popped into Norton Canes to make some vague enquiries, unfortunatley the timing is wrong at the moment so we are holding back on buying anything just yet. I live about 4 miles from Norton Canes If I see out and about I will give you a wave. Cheers.

    Lionheart No 2

    Dave we hired florence just before xmas which involved mooring overnight at Merry Hill, we tied up infont of your boat the two looked very impressive together. Although I think Resolute won on Grahams bow shape. Were you also around on the Shroppie July/August time? if so, do you remember being asked who had built your hull by a passing hire boater? Small system perhaps?
  5. I would agree with the comments relating to the number of boats offered for sale, the boats listed in the “clicky” suit our taste and some are within our budget. Unfortunately, despite saving every spare penny for the past two years we now find ourselves in a climate where job security is none existent. To commit money to a boat now would be an act of stupidity whilst we still have a mortgage, so the boat goes on the back burner once again. Fortunately, a forum member on here offers a very fine R.W. Davis Tug for hire at a very reasonable price, we have taken Florence out three times in the past 12 months and can only recommend the experience.

    Oozells loop

    Mike. PS. Hybrid --- was it you I passed just by the Brades Hall Jnc and the gauging island on Monday -- you mentioned Merry Hill ? If so -- hello again ! Hi Mike, yes it was me you will pleased to know you are the first forum member I have met on the cut.

    Oozells loop

    Thanks for all the replies, I did read them just never got chance to reply before our trip, just got back from 4 days out we did the Black Country museum, Birmingham and the German market and then on to Merry Hill, before returning Kevs (Florence) boat back to Oldbury today.

    Oozells loop

    Does any one know if oozells loop is open at each end? or does it only have one entrance & exit, also can you moor in the loop as a visitor. Thanks

    BMC complicated question

    You mention the problem occurred after replacement of the head gasket. Did you have problems with water in the cylinders due to a leaking gasket? I had an old Landrover diesel that used to misfire and pump out white smoke, this turned out to be a bent conrod caused by a small amount of water entering one of the cylinders. You could check this by checking the compressions and looking for one that is out of tolerance.
  10. HYBRID

    SL3 seized

    I was once told that brake fluid is quite good a freeing a seized piston, never had to try.
  11. HYBRID

    Trip up the Shroppie

    I think I saw you and didn't realise, we passed in the Audlem flight on Saturday afternoon, I was going up in an Aqua Narrowboat. Was it you? I commented to your other half about a boat further up the cut with the same name as your own. Back at work now Doh! Dreaming about a BCN tug
  12. HYBRID

    Aston and Farmers Bridge lock flights

    Hi, to answer your question there are no restrictions on this flight, however although you obviously know what your doing I will share the advice we recently received for the area. We took Florence the Northwich Trader Hire boat through Birmingham City Centre down through the Aston flight two weeks ago and completed the Black Country Ring, we were told by other boaters to leave Birmingham early and don’t stop until we were near Kingsbury, which we did in 9 hours with two crew on board. The advice was given to avoid bandits when moored overnight. Based on our timings if you start at Aston Bottom lock at 7.00pm and assuming you would be best advised not to stop before Farmers Bridge Junction you will be still locking after midnight. Which is ok if that’s your thing. Look out for the three piece suite around Minworth/Curdwoth various loose cushions floating around and the actual furniture semi submerged, then lots of rubbish from the Aston locks onwards. Where are you going after Birmingham?
  13. We hired this boat for a long weekend winter cruise last weekend, we had great time and have to say this has to be one of the most comfortable boats we have hired, it benefits from an enormous kitchen / living space and a full sized bed in the bows. The boat is superb, the other people we met out and about couldn’t believe it was a hire boat. The Lister Diesel makes all the right noises and adds to the enjoyment of the cruise. Kevin went out of his way to ensure everything went to plan, I would recommend anyone who has hired before to give this boat a try as it is a truly brilliant experience. I will be contacting Kevin again without a doubt.
  14. HYBRID

    RobinHood Hire company

    If you like Staffordshire why not have a look at Aqua Narrowboat Hire. We popped along to see his boats last September and booked two weeks for next year. He only runs two boats but they are very well appointed compared to usual hire boats.
  15. HYBRID


    Can you not move the bilge pump?

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