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  1. No it means it vents up thru' the flue but draws fresh air for combustion from the space its located. mike
  2. I have often wracked my little grey brain cell to try to think what that meant
  3. I'd agree with that but get them on EBay, not in your local DIY shop. Much cheaper! If you find a roof brace in the way, they'll slice through that too. Don't ask me how I know this Mike
  4. I went down as far as the first winding hole after M25 on Saturday. Caught lots of weed and it may have been me stirring it up by having to continually go into reverse and then forward, that made it somewhat murky. It looked clear most of the way down! Mike
  5. I've just had a 10 day break going from Uxbridge to Cowroast and return. Hardly saw any boats on the move. Julie did nearly nearly all the locks alone. (She won't do speedwheel yet!) Weather has been great since we got back home!!!
  6. I heard that last year just prior to the Slough Festival. Hmmmmmmm
  7. NBMike

    LPG jets

    I have to say NO. Get the correct parts.
  8. NBMike

    LPG jets

    No they are much smaller
  9. NBMike

    LPG jets

    I have 1x no 87 , 1x no 70, 1x no 50, 1 x no 67,and a couple of no 85. If you can't get any others they'll be close enough. Can't help with no 35 though. PM me if you need them Mike
  10. NBMike

    LPG jets

    Does it not say in the instruction book which jet goes in which position. I have quite a few LPG jets that I've kept from natural gas hobs, when I've fitted them. If i've got the right sizes, you're welcome to them. Mike
  11. OK - so no definitive answer then Eh?
  12. Does anyone know why boats travel on the right side of the canals? Surely it can't be anything to do with horse drawn boats as the towpaths change side so often. Mike
  13. I use a jewellers loup to see it and 5amp fuse wire to clean through it Mike
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