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  1. Thanks Ditchcrawler - I have ordered a spare thermostat (£17.00!) and on espares web site they show a vid exchanging it and the capillary tube just pushing into the body of the fridge. Hope this is the answer.
  2. Thanks for your help guys - I was back a the boat today and checked the supply actually at the fridge where the mains cable connects and have power there. Next took off the light fitting which incorporates the light switch (operated by the door) and the thermostat switch. No power at the connection to the light switch which gets its feed from the thermostat. So pulled the live connection of the thermostat and connected to the live side of the light switch and lo and behold the light came on. So something wrong with the thermostat stopping it feeding to the live side of the light switch. But cannot find a way to replace the thermostat because it has a small silver pipe that goes out the back of the fridge (to somewhere?). Any ideas?
  3. Our Zanussi fridge (with ice box) has just given up the ghost (we think!) It is an integrated Model No. ZUS 6144A and is connected to 240v circuit on the boat. it was wired to a junction box which also serves other sockets which are working ok. We pulled the fridge out and put a plug directly on the cable and plugged it in - no joy - no light - no fridge noise! Also checked the fuse and that ok too. We cannot find a replacement on the Zanussi site with the same dimensions and obviously do not want to start 'hacking' the units about to get a bigger one in - not sure this would be an option anyway as the oven is one side and set of drawers the other. The boat (Aqualine) (and fridge) is 7 years old. Is this a reasonable life for this type of unit? Are we possibly missing something? Any ideas where we can get a replacement to fit in the same 'hole' would be welcome.
  4. Will Renovo which I've seen recommended for cratch covers remove green mould that a good scrubbing has failed to. I am assuming the cover is canvas (and not vinyl).
  5. Thanks for the tips guys -I will try doubling up the clips and see if that helps - then maybe the 'olive' method if it doesn't !
  6. No matter how often I tighten the jubilee clips around the cooling system hoses (and the ones to the calorifier) I still get what looks like cooling fluid on the floor the engine compartment.its coloured like anti freeze so can only assume its water from the cooling system. Would the hoses expand when hot and loosen the clips? Anyone else experienced this?
  7. Thanks for the tips- we are not due to have out bottom blacked for a while so will try catweasels tip of copper grease. Have sprayed with WD40 equivalent but didn't improve it. Cheers guys
  8. Our tiller has developed a squeak and although I have pumped in grease through the greasing nozzle (which oozes out the bearing seal) it hasn't cured it. I don't know the design of the tiller or whether it has any other bearings. The top bearing is a 4-bolt flanged bearing unit with greasing nipple.
  9. We did the new main line in the end. It was a bit boring but did the job. We'd definitely try the old line if we were that way again and now we know the lay of the land. The recommendation to moor in the Black Country Museum was a really good one which we are grateful for. We were pleasantly surprised by the Wolverhampton 21 - much greener than expected. We are now on the Shroppie - which is a whole different experience.
  10. Hello again. I think you are doing the same route as us in reverse. We moored just after (just before for you) bridge 20 where there is also a bakery just off the canal. It looks quite close to the m42 on the map but was actually very quiet. We came from there to Gas Street easily in one day stopping for water just before bridge 5 - good fast flow if you need to fill up.
  11. We've swapped places with you Keble! Lovely quiet afternoon here at BCLM. Although we enjoyed Birmingham Gas Street Basin too.
  12. Thanks for those suggestions. Just perusing the map. Old main line or new main line - which is the best route? I see BCM is on old.
  13. Thanks Richard. I'll ask the right question this time. We are heading for the Shropshire Union so want to moor up near Wolverhampton ready to tackle the Wolverhampton locks the next day.
  14. Any suggestions where to moor for the night? Thanks
  15. Has anyone else experienced the blackening of internal oak by water leaking in through a nearby window? We think the water came in the window seal and ran along under the gunnel until it met an oak faced bulwark partition, where it resulted in a black (very black!) area around 300 mm dia. We think the timber is oak faced board but the damage has gone right through. Have tried Rustins 2 part wood bleach but not with much success. Any help appreciated as looks a mess!
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