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  1. You could try Little Ouse Moorings on Brandon Creek - they have a few with electrics. Or the moorings on the other side. Lots of residential boats there, most run generators.
  2. The Tideway was built in 1975 by Walkers although there is some confusion over the sail number. The Tideway Owners Association are trying to find some history for me. There is no room for a dagger board in the little boat and I didn't want to mess around with leeboards so I've fitted two fins on the bottom; together with the hard chine, they should provide enough sideways resistance. However, in reality, this is never going to be a performance boat and all I really want to do is to be able to have a mess around in the lagoon, where my mooring is, on a summer's evening.
  3. I've just realized I never posted a picture of the finished little boat so here it is. It came in at 15kg which should mean I can get it on and off the roof with ease. I've not sailed it yet but it paddles ok and seems relatively stable. I'll wait until the weather warms up a bit before give it another go. Meanwhile my time is being taken up by this. A Tideway 12 I saw it on ebay and couldn't resist.
  4. That might be a bit more difficult - I had assumed you were just on an extended cruise. Rivers and roads don't often converge out here in the Fens. Also remember that while there are some footpaths, there is no towpath. Its still possible tho' I should think.
  5. Come on over, its a great network of rivers to explore. Its perfectly possible to CC. Join GOBA and use their moorings along with the EA ones although don't expect to be anywhere near civilization. Wild mooring is always an option with a bit of common sense and respect for land owners - it can also be a bit shallow in places. I've been boating on the Ouse for the last twenty years and have never had a problem finding somewhere to moor.
  6. My Alde takes about 50 minutes to heat my 22 litre tank up to shower temperature which gives me enough hot water for a shower and wash up. In the winter the back boiler warms the water in the tank and it only takes 15 minutes to get it shower hot.
  7. 3 x 13 kg bottles a year. Most of that is in the summer. In the winter the Boatman is used for cooking and water heating.
  8. I used this company. Very helpful. Personally I would buy a cheaper foam mattress and change it every couple of years rather than invest in a more expensive sprung mattress.
  9. Made the mast step and started prepping the inside for painting.
  10. I find that buying chilled milk keeps it cool. The odd bit of frozen food brings the temperature down too. I used to freeze milk at work and bring it back to the boat but it used to take so long to defrost, I don't bother now. Its never 'fridge cold' in there but cool enough to keep the milk fresh, the butter solid and the cheese from getting stinky.
  11. It depends very much on your lifestyle. I am at work every day so picking up fresh food on the way home is not a problem. I have a cool box and putting cold milk in there keeps it fresh for 2 or 3 days. I always keep a carton of UHT for emergencies. If I am going off for a few days, I get my gf to freeze a couple of pints of milk at her house and bring them over. That keeps the cool box cold for much longer. And some folk like the peace and quiet without engines/generators running for hours every day! As you say, each to their own!
  12. Just a suggestion, try living without a fridge for a while and see how you get on. I used to turn mine off in the winter but realized I could, in fact, live perfectly well without it all year. Add a little solar into the equation and you wont have to run your engine at all.
  13. With all the good weather, I've been out on the water rather than working on the boat, but I have managed to make a start on tidying up the wiring in the engine room. Make a new lid for the battery box. And start the little boat painting.
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