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  1. not an issue to retro fit, providing steel around windows fine, We had ours fitting on No Problem about 2 1/2 years ago replacing the windows that were in her since she was build in 2003
  2. thank you, yes a website is needed, and I am working on it, at present it is all me but I am looking for help with doing things as the group is growing and more and more is happening - all for the good. When I first set up the group it was merely a dedicated group to share information but over the last two years it has steadly grown, especially in the last 6 months, so in between rebuilding my boat after a tree hit last September, major surgery and my own limitations due to disabilty I have been putting in a lot of hours and talking to a lot of folk to regarding it. I have been met with very possitive responses and opening doors to change. So please be patient and feel free to get involved sharing tips. experience and information. I do not know when the website will be ready as it is one of several areas for the group I am working on, but I will do my best to get something up and running asap as I know facebook is not for everyone. But the power of social media is in our case a good thing.
  3. Currently we just have twitter and facebook, which is working well, we are working on a website for the support group. However saying that we have made progress with two major canal mapping sites and crt in open communication now about including information about accessibilty, compiling details of accessible trip boats accross the country which CRT now use to update their site amongst many other things going on the background. We are also working with private moorings with regards to accessibilty. There is an article about Disabledboaters.org on the current issue of Canal Boating Times - https://www.canalboatingtimes.net/index.html Another article is appearing in another publication later in the year.
  4. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/meetings/32315-disabled-boaters-experience-of-boating-on-our-waterways Disabled boaters experience of boating on our waterways Friday 22 March 2pm This is an open meeting to hear from disabled boaters’ and their carer’s on their experience of boating on our waterways. The meeting will take place in the Canal & River Trust office, Fearns Wharf, Neptune Street, Leeds LS9 8PB If you are not able to attend but would like to contribute, we’d still like to hear from you. You can send questions, comments, or suggestions - please do get in touch. This will be the fourth meeting the Trust has organised with disabled boaters (the first meeting was held in September in the West Midlands, the second was held in November in London and the third was held in Newark in January) – we plan to arrange others in different locations. We also hope to organize an online discussion to engage as many disabled boaters as possible.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/Bridge66atCliftonUponDunsmore/ On the North Oxford at Rugby dog friendly, during summer months when hire fleet out you can moor at front, or moor along the canal further along and walk back along tow path and over the road bridge to it.
  6. Back on the mooring after rebuild following tree hit last September, still a lot to do inside but we are back living on her.
  7. Friends heat the blacking up when doing it in winter, which thins it a little, then apply, it cools quickly and gets into any pitting alot better that way. I was dubious at first but seeing it done I can see the logic and impressed.
  8. we have a massive one, around a thousand litres, but our boat is an ex hire boat that was designed for 12 !
  9. we installed DG on our boat a couple of years ago, was not cheap but has made a massive difference to the boat. We went to Channelglaze.
  10. Liznoproblem


  11. Website Name: Disabledboaters Website URL: Disabledboaters.org Website Description: Support/Resource group aimed at Boaters, Wanna be boaters and users of of the waterways, Any other comments: Disabledboaters.org founded in January 2017 is an online support group sharing tips, banter, info and promoting Accessibility on and by the waterways. For folk who are disabled or have mobility issues, their carers, partners and families. We aim to promote, advise and guide interested parties in the reality and needs of disabled and less able users of the waterways and towpaths. Not only for boaters, but for visitors and all those interested in our waterways. Useful information and tips can also be found in the files section of the group
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