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Tassie Devil

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  1. Thank you for all the great info everyone. Ive been watching You Tube Ad Nauseum and downloaded some books, subscribed to the magazines etc. I’m very aware of the Cons of ownership. But it’s not that much different to long term caravanning here in Oz. Heres to advancing the whole adventure. It’s seriously exciting. Thank you all again. Ken.
  2. Thank you everyone. Dora, Sea dog, JJ and Leo, good on you, great guidance. My situation is I own the flash off road caravan, and plan to use it mostly over the Aussie Winter, as Summer temps regularly get over 40 degrees for weeks in mainland Australia, and I’m over the heat and red dust to tell the truth. I did all that to death during my military career. 6 months over the late Autum, Winter and early Spring period in the UK before being kicked out is my focus, as I love the cooler months and the effect on the landscape. Also I like things quiet, as opposed to buisy on the canals etc. I’ll certainly be using this brilliant forum and continue to seek guidance and advice. Thank you again everyone and best wishes from Tasmania. Ken p.s photo on the Gordon river while Kayaking last week. Sorry Sea Dog!?
  3. Thank you Bruce, I appreciate it mate. I’ll certainly look into their Blog. Good on you.? Ken
  4. Thank you Mick. l appreciate the info. Same to you Roland. I’ll discuss options with the NAB. Best wishes fellas. Ken
  5. Thanks for the reply D&V. Thats a great tip re the International bank account. I would be very flexible re times of the year I’d want the boat, and Winter cruising is high on my list, but I’m aware of canal closures etc. Thanks again. Ken p.s This photo is just now, out my windscreen in Devonport Tasmania, across Bass Strait for all those going through Winter induced grumpiness!?
  6. Hi everyone. I’m seriously looking into purchasing a UK based Narrow Boat to use for 6 months per year, then returning to Australia for 6 months on a yearly basis. I’ve retired early from the Military and don’t need to work so constant cruising to see the UK is my plan. I believe that outright purchase of my own boat would be a better option than lease or boat rental, as the boat is always an asset which can be sold should my situation change, I can customise it to my liking and won’t need to deal with other owners etc. My question is to other Non UK citizen owners with Narrow boats. What do you do with your boat for the period that you have to leave the UK due to Visa requirements? Thanks for any guidance and advice re this ownership issue and best wishes everyone. Ken
  7. Tassie Devil

    Tassie Devil

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