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  1. Hi I've just read your post re mooring on the kennet and avon. Have a look at gumtree bristol. There is a boat with possible mooring in Wiltshire. I think it's in pewsham? The boat is a little yogurt pot but the ad does mention that the mooring may be available. Near the pub too.
  2. How hard is it to change a gearbox on a 3 cylinder Kubota engine? Can it be done by me in situ?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Had a similar experience with ebay. I won a lumpy water boat located in the isle of Wight. Being sold by the harbour master. What I found out after arranging a local firm over there collect said purchase. There is a site called Wight bay . It was still up for sale on this site. Harbour master was waiting to see if he could get more money after I had paid for the boat. I got ebay to reimburse me for the expense of arranging collection. Plus the harbour master can no longer use ebay.
  5. Thanks nightwatch. I look forward to hearing from you.
  6. If this is the wrong place to ask Im sure someone will put me right. Im looking for a suitable cabin cruiser for a friend. He intends to live aboard. Doesn't mind a bit of work so long as it's movable, ie bsc current. If anyone has one to sell or can point me in the right direction. I've done the usual places. Ebay,gumtree,boatshed,Apollo . His budget is around 2k. So he will look at projects. I offered him mine but at 20ft it's too small for liveaboard. Hoping that there is one tucked away unwanted. Thanks guys
  7. Hi thanks for the prompt reply. Im going in at Bristol docks. Up the avon to bath. Then onto the kennet and avon canal. Its places on the kennet that I can park in a marina for a few days while I pop home to sort errands. Ones with railway station nearby are very handy.
  8. Hi everyone. Do you have any information on stopping at marinas for a few days and if yes , what sort of charges can I expect per day/week
  9. Thankyou for that info sir. Just what I was looking for.
  10. Ignore the muppet comments. He's talking about his skip. Someone pinched his lid.
  11. They may have run out of petrol as no one seems to know where to find it on the rivers and canals
  12. Hi Paul. I got a good price from Shiply couriers. You put in what you want moving, from/to. Then they bid for the job. You can check the reviews on each bid. But I got a quote for £120 . Thats collect,launch and return trailer to home address. It's only a short job. Bristol to bristol docks but all the boat movers I contacted were hundreds of pounds. Worthy of a look sir.
  13. Hi everyone. Im about to take to the water for the first time . Im using a small grp cruiser and have a concern about getting petrol. Has anyone ever made notes re petrol stations near canals?. I have a petrol station finder app on my phone. But its really for cars not boats. If anyone not busy next month. Im launching at Bristol docks and would appreciate some help. Got a man from Shiply couriers to tow and launch. But im a tad nervous about locks etc as a solo. Even good advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys
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