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  1. Thanks - looks like they still do !
  2. I'm afraid you would need to ask the organ grinder not the monkey must be a valid reason tho ....
  3. We are in the process of replacing our 600x600 shower tray with a 600x1200x400 bath.. mainly to enable us to give the dogs a wash!... Trouble is we now need a bath screen something like 1200mm in height, as yet we have been unable to find a supplier - ideas most welcome. Thanks Andy
  4. APC

    Stove chimney advice

    Bloomin auto correction thanks
  5. APC


  6. APC

    Stove chimney advice

    Can anyone recommend someone to make / weld a flue pipe for me? We are on the caldon canal near Leek in Staffordshire... thanks.
  7. APC

    Stove chimney advice

    Many thanks for all the comments ! - I was hoping to be able to use a single flue as it seemed obvious to me that you get more radiant heat (interesting to read we may all be wrong tho )
  8. Im just installing a new stove on our narrowboat which is fitted to the soliftec guidelines - except Im really confused re insulated flue requirements - is this something a BSS inspection now requires as I see loads of boats with single skin flue pipe? Also if I can use single skin, can I use the 'push fit' bends or does it have to be welded in one piece? Many thanks Andy
  9. APC

    Cratch cover repairs

    Thanks for the above comments re Kinver - Ive read lots of good reports on them, just wondering if there was anyone closer... may have to have a day trip
  10. APC

    Cratch cover repairs

    Hi, Having recently purchased our first narrowboat, we are looking to get the zips and some of the press-studs on our cratch cover repaired. So far we have not been able to find anyone within a reasonable distance to us. Any ideas anyone? we are on the Caldon canal so not far from Stoke-on-Trent. Thanks Andy

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