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  1. enandess

    Boat Pricing Conundrum!

    Thanks for the heads up... I did agree with this sentiment earlier... the 2 examples I gave are completely different fish even to my untrained eye. This is a good point... and seems to be one of the major benefits of getting a used boat compared to a new one. Thanks again for all your wisdom... I think the general message seems to be get out and look around and the right boat will come along. I am hoping that the more we talk to people and the more boats we see, will get us up to speed as to what to look out for. When you hear horror stories of lemons being passed off as bargain buys or boats needing major work just after purchase, I do not want us to be the next victim. Without wishing to make a nuisance of myself, I have no doubt I shall be asking more questions and seeking more advice on our boat buying journey!
  2. enandess

    Boat Pricing Conundrum!

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to add your thoughts. We are finding out quite quickly that there never seems to be a clear cut answer to our questions but instead varying degrees of opinion as to what the right answer is. I think, as mentioned by others here and elsewhere, we will know the right boat when we come across it and age, price will be an irrelevance; much like buying a house, you just know which one is the right one. We will be getting ourselves out and about over the coming weeks/months... hopefully the boat finds us sooner rather than later!
  3. enandess

    Boat Pricing Conundrum!

    Thanks for your comments thus far... I did think about including an analogy between a Rolls Royce and Ford Focus in my original post but decided not to. From your comments it would seem that there is no definitive answer to the question... maybe it's a 'how long is a piece of string' question?!? I know I have certainly seen quite a rise in overall pricing since we started our research a year ago or so with some prices making me think the world has gone mad. We had originally thought we would go down the decent second hand route for the reasons mentioned, but when we started seeing the disparity in prices it made us think again. As Athy pointed out, the true test of what something is worth is the price someone is prepared to pay for it. I am not totally convinced paying top dollar for a boat with a particular badge on it is worth the extra. However, I do think paying top dollar for reliability is worth it. So this brings me back to where I started I guess. If 2 boats have the same engine, made from the same grade of steel etc, I am not yet convinced for me, paying an extra £50,000 is worth it simply to have a brand attached to the boat. That said, I suspect from what I have read elsewhere, that this torturous brain wringing will count for nothing when we see *the* boat and it is what it is as we hand over the cheque (or carrier bag full of dosh!).
  4. enandess

    Boat Pricing Conundrum!

    As we search for our boat I am increasingly bewildered by the price of differing boats. I understand how the various 'brands' and fitouts will affect the price, but, as an example, when I see a new boat costing less than a 10 year old boat, is the price differential between one and the other really that justified? www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=559080 www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=560404 We are no where near experts although we have done lots of research, and we are getting stuck on the new versus used issue. With a budget of around £60,000 is it better to go for a new boat from a less known builder but still with some type of warranty or is it better to go with an older boat from a favoured builder? Looking at the maths would it be fair to say that a 10 year old boat is going to lose a third of its value from new? This means that in the example above the new boat at £62000 is likely to lose £20000 in 10 years time but we will have had the benefit of having a new boat without any corrosion issues etc. Would the depreciation on the older boat have levelled out by now so we could still expect a similar return when we come to get our next boat (this will be the first boat we have owned so fully expect to learn what we thought we wanted in a boat turns out to be wrong so will want to sell it). Would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

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