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  1. Would 1100 watt solar panels cover "average" use in winter? Boat has a 12v fridge, led lighting etc
  2. Exactly what we did earlier today! Looks full but will speak to them tomorrow. Do you know if they had a waiting list?
  3. I'm thinking of going to have a look, as I currently live round the corner. Can you get to it via the campsite?
  4. Thanks ditchcrawler, that was what I was hoping for as advice, not sure why people always feel the need to go of topic quite so readily.
  5. Will be for a 57’ narrowboat in napton area or within 15mile radius. Residential but will be moving around a fair bit. Don’t need any facilities but parking nearby would be good
  6. Can anybody point me to a website where I can find listings for non CRT canalside moorings please? I’ve spent ages googling but only find marinas which isn’t what I want.
  7. It’s on the grand union
  8. Now that’s a plan!!
  9. I’m currently sat in my caravan listening to an engine running on the opposite bank whilst the owner is in their friends boat. It’s 9.45pm. They obviously can’t hear it but I can. What would you do? Strangely it’s just been switched off. Thanks if you are online!
  10. Thanks They had it built so all receipts should be available so that’s good advice cuthound. The only thing I don’t understand is how to check there’s no outstanding mortgage on it Thanks for the water tip. Water seems fine and it has a filter tap fitted as well for drinking
  11. Hasn't been easy and rate is high but only going to be for a short time hopefully
  12. I've pre-arranged a marine mortgage so we'll see what they require in the way of registration etc
  13. So is it essential to register if we want to have a marine mortgage? I'm slightly confused.
  14. Yes it is really useful to be able to contact knowledgeable people who are willing to share their experience with others such as me. We're viewing this weekend so fingers crossed!
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