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  1. Here's a new blog from the boatyard at Claymoore Canal Holidays. It's purpose is to inform and entertain and be a bit of fun rather than being a marketing exercise. It kicks off this Saturday 11th April and will be following our fact finding mission... ok holiday, for a week. We hope to post to it every day during our trip, internet connection allowing. Claymmore Canal Holidays Boatyard Blog
  2. A discount eBay store can be found at: stores.ebay.co.uk/canals-and-waterways" Many waterways products all at below retail prices. Includes quite a number of auctions starting at 99p.
  3. Well let me tell you that my families hire company don't charge a deposit and our principal interests are providing an enjoyable holiday and a boatyard service for waterways users and keeping staff earning a living. Money is provided to BW in the form of 15 commercial rate boat licences. If your boat is damaged by a hirer who leaves the scene and you are not around then of course this is wrong of them but the hire company cannot be blamed for this. If your parked car is hit by someone driving a rental car who then drives off you don't blame Hertz!
  4. Well now when I "gave a ten minute talk" to a hirer when I worked at the boatyard last month, after showing them through the boat, I ran through the safety checklist and canal rules and etiquette. Then took them through a tunnel and lock, explaining how the lock worked, getting them to do it and explaining lock safety then after exiting the lock showed them how to moor the boat before accompanying them to a bridge some 20 minutes away. All in all that "ten minute talk" takes about 50 minutes.
  5. I've met that woman, she told me she used to be a model as well. Good job I never believed her
  6. I think if we go clockwise also we'd be 3-4 days behind you. If we go the other way we will probably pass you at some point. We are on Beeston Castle if you see us. I must admit I do fancy a bit of 4 Counties anti-clockwise plus Llangollen. Can anyone tell me how far down the Montgomery we could explore before having to turn?
  7. How do you know if they are given instruction or not?
  8. Hello All Please help in this humble appeal. I have spent the last week slowly but surely driving myself mad trying to decide a route to take for our upcoming holiday starting Aug 12th for 2 weeks. Any suggestions to add to the mix and my confusion would be much appreciated. We are out for 2 weeks from Preston Brook, have 3 experienced adults in the crew (one of whom is the owner of the hire company), have no worries with numbers of locks and usually travel 8-9 hours a day depending on how long we stop for lunch/break/visiting villages or towns. The obvious route would be to combine Cheshire and 4 Counties rings but am keen to look for other routes. Many Thanks Paul
  9. Hi Janet It's Paul actually but don't worry (must be the way I walk ) The new 2 berth is the next project on the agenda I believe (this year is was an 8-10 berth). I think it may end up being a 2-4 though rather than just a 2 berth. Now that the old man (hope he doesn't read this) is moving things along nicely I can always hope that he can find a job for me there one day (I hope he reads this) rather than just getting me to do his website for nothing haha.
  10. Ok I'm not proud of it but it is sooooo satisfying sometimes when at the locks with a hire boat and one of those rare breed of private boat snobs (and to be honest I have not met many, maybe one per trip) talks down to me because I am in a hire boat. I love the look on their face when I tell them my family owns that hire boat and a few more as well. Ok so its not a classy thing to do but sometimes you just have to make these people realise that no one is better than the other because they own a boat.
  11. Hi there, you could give my father at Claymoore a ring. They hire all year round, including over Christmas and New Year for those that want a different sort of Christmas.
  12. I hope you enjoy the gallery of my canal photos. You are welcome to comment on them or post your own for other to enjoy. http://www.canal-photos.co.uk
  13. Backup, share and link to your digital images online. If you are like me and take a lot of digital pictures only to then worry about your hard disk failing or if you auction things on eBay and don't want to pay their fees for showing extra pictures then the site below may be for you: On the site you can: Backup and Store your digital images. Create photo albums online to share with friends and family around the world. Link to your stored images from auction sites and forums. Your images remain unbranded and your membership area is advert free. There are several levels of membership starting with a free membership with lots of space to store your photos. For those that would like to purchase a higher level of service after trying the free version, simply mention Canal World Forums to me and I'll give the first three months free of charge. For more information and to try a working demo visit http://www.onretail.co.uk/image-hosting/photo-hosting.html
  14. Just had an email from my Dad as follows: BBC have told me that the programme will be broadcast w/c 9th January 2006 over one or two weeks (to be decided) Working Lunch is on BBC 2 every week day between 12.30 and 1.00 except Wednesday when it goes out at 1.30
  15. Ha ha ! I always get her name wrong and I always say a name beginning with M. She'll be Meg or Mo next week :-) What a character she is though eh? Always leave that lock with a smile.
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