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  1. you are the reason, evil nasty undertone threads, im glad this thread has come up, and your avvy is offensive
  2. We tried geting through, got stuck, reversed still no luck, they told us it was because we have liverpool boats boat, anyone else had this? Want to do the golly next spring, yes theyve shaved it but not enough imo
  3. I reckon all in its 70 quid a week to live on a boat after u paid for it, more in winter, add 30 quid for coal and logs unless u wanna go colecting
  4. you cant hold down a job though unless you want to walk a lot
  5. Just looking at my galley, theres no need to have plugs on the sink side, have them opposite, fridge next to sink, put your bits on top, its a good question though, 12v u can get away with, my 12v whale gulper switch is in the shower
  6. ive got my marmalade sarnies at the ready
  7. yes theres light polution but should still be visible, im quite excited I can see the little bear so all good so far, thats always a good indicator
  8. From 10 pm, peaking at 2am there is going to be a huge meteor shower, upto 100 per minute of different colours, hope its a clear sky!
  9. Thanks andy, and yes thats my serious side, I may troll the pub a bit but isnt that what its there for? A diversion from serious nb issues, my bolin pump solution is genious, and going strong now. I have love to give, yes my humour isnt to all tastes but nor was bernard mannings, I mean no harm. now breathe in that love, its still amongst us Could the mods change the title please to "an audience with taffy"
  10. I trust all boaters but you dont know who else is on the towpath, we have left our boat "open" ie covering the padlock with a towel to make it look like we are in
  11. Thankyou Athy, one thing I have learned in my 2 months is to celebrate diversity, humour is often needed in its varying forms, and there are enough threads out there void of it. Lets just have one where we can be nice. Now then, lets hold hands and breathe in the love
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