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  1. The odd thing is that that the Hull was originally built as a 72 foot livaboard with full length cabin which against the builders advise had a vertical sides, and once complete the buyer cancelled the order. She was then reworked by said builder with topsides removed and purchased by David and Brioni for the eventual working Boat Stokie No1to come to life. It had been a dream of his to work commercially, but it was not to be. We lost Dave my best friend, in 1995. I then with Brioni made it happen. We with help of Brian Greeves, " Blacksmith Afloat" and the late Brian House fitted tanks and a pump donated by the late Sir John Knill and his son Jenkyn, we started selling fuels as an RDCO (registered dealer of controlled oil) in 1996. So in effect, she has gone full circle. We won the IWA Cressy Award (Best Live aboard) three times and the AJ Ritchi Cockeral for best working boat once. There are other notable things that Stokie achieved, as well. A long time ago, Granada tv did a documentary on her revealing that she was the only working boat with " Mobile links to the Internet", ( I'd built an office under the sheets complete with pc and 20 " monitor, printer and scanner....) When we lost David, the hold was full of sawn trees, we were the first working boat to unload at Bradford on Avon wharf since the war, . Discovery channel used Stokie in a tourism documentary. An episode of the antiques trail was filmed at Dundas with her. We faught the demise of low tax diesel by forming the Red Alert campaign. Lots of other things too. Yes, she made us proud. If only she could talk.
  2. Yes, that's her. Brand new and steered by my other halves late husband David.
  3. Hello Mark. Google Stokie No1. She was a very important part of our past lives.
  4. Hello Sarah. My email is geejaycee@live.com Thanks John
  5. Has anyone got any idea of the whereabouts of our old boat Stokie please.
  6. Sue. I know it's only words, but we are sorry to hear of Rogers stroke. Does that mean that the motorcaravan has gone too? Keep your chins up. John and Brioni at Gloucester Camping Court Farm Twigworth GLOUCESTER Find us through WWW.LOVECAMPING.CO.UK
  7. My name is John Chard, years ago with my partner Brioni, we ran a coal and diesel boat called Stokie. In those days, we had a friend called Keith Taylor, with his wife Jean they ran Nb Cholet. Mainly up on the Staffs and Worcester canal. when Keith died two years ago, Brioni and Jean stayed in touch by phone. Suddenly nothing. So, does anyone know where Jean Taylor Nb Cholet might be.. Has something happened to her... Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Edited by NB Lola - Please E mail me at geejayceeAtlive.com - user the @ instead of At This makes email crawlers unhappy Thanks John
  8. Hi everyone....For those who dont know us, hi. For those who do, hello again. Since leaving the canals in 2008 having been on them since 1989, and running Stokie No1, selling diesel & coal, we have taken on a slightly different life. Gone are the boats, but instead, we have ended up with an American Motorhome. A big bugger. Its home though. We've also taken on helping to run a caravan and camp-site just north of Gloucester. Its Camping and Caravan Club registered, and its nice. And getting better all the time. One or two people from our past have tripped over us by chance here and flippin' heck it was great to see them. The way it happened was that boaters relatives and friends have stayed here while visiting people on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal and River Severn. They tell us they are here visiting friends on the canal..Of course what happens then is that we tell of our connections and twenty years of our canal life..One thing then leads to another. Its dawned on me that perhaps it would be a good idea to tell people who know us and people who dont (yet)where we are. That way perhaps we can meet old friends from our past and make new ones too. The site is known as Court Farm. Its on the A38 three miles north of Gloucester Dock. My phone number is 07463737404. Who knows, Brioni & I might find even more friends from the past. We hope so. Cheers John
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