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  1. I bid a fiver for a ticket to go wild camping on Python on red boards on the Trent, on the way to get hull repairs. It's a gift for someone else ... 😁
  2. I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but I do understand it's much better to stick the sock(s) down the front of your trunks. Placing them at the back has a rather different effect...
  3. Surely it's doing better now the water can come out! You've improved it ...
  4. Well yes. Such events have always supposed to have been notified and registered with CRT, it's just that now they will charge for the time and effort spent processing such applications.
  5. It's that pouch in Speedo trunks that allows one to "enhance" one's masculine appearance by the use of strategically placed hosiery ...
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Well yes, but that's not what you said ... We could if you want, but it would seem churlish! I'd probably go via the Rochdale from Hudd if it is open, but the L&L route is nice if it's open. There's some very good pubs up through Calderdale which may have some bearing on this!
  8. Same number of locks, innit. They're just closer together on the Rochdale, and you have to do the C&H to go that way as well as the big electric A&C ones. Swing bridges are always more fun at rush hour when singlehanding ...
  9. They did lose eighty grand last year, so probably had their hands slapped and their big ideas wound back a long way!
  10. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/business-and-trade/business-boating/starting-or-expanding-a-boating-business Details of what you need for Static Letting are available here. Or more specifically here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/business-and-trade/business-boating/starting-or-expanding-a-boating-business/static-letting
  11. Trying to go under that bridge while standing up would be dangerous!
  12. I get most of my excercise lifting beer ...
  13. Thing is, I don't mind paying more - it's obvious that CRT need more money and boaters are an obvious source. What annoys me is that hugely increasing CCer fees won't actually solve the CMer "problem" I may write a rant about this later when I have time ....
  14. Fair enough. At our club they didn't care if I used the mooring or not as long as I paid for it, did my share on work parties and was active in club events.
  15. True, but I don't think charging me more money will help with that issue. Better enforcement would, or using the powers they don't bother with under the byelaws to physically remove boats from the specific location. I don't mean Section 8 and crane them out, I mean grab a CMer and tow them a couple of (tens of?) miles away then charge them for this ...
  16. Nah, it's an AWCC boat club so it's often got visiting boats for a fortnight. I'm quite happy for the mooring officer to use my allocated space if I'm not using it, and in the event of any pushback from CRT I would simply show them my annual mooring invoice. For clarity, I wouldn't be pretending to have a mooring, I'd actually have one that other boats mostly use.
  17. Quite. If they double my "Boat without a home mooring" licence fee I'll once again pay for a mooring that I won't use. I did that for four years, and I never had the boat on the mooring for more than 14 days except for one continuous 7 week period during a stoppage nearby. That's why I decided to go Cc'ing and spend the mooring fee on diesel instead.
  18. Irritate the USA enough and they'll donate some to you at high velocity ...
  19. My wife's gone on holiday. Jamaica? No, she wanted to go...
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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