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  1. frantic


  2. We had a similar issue. Rather than stained glass we bought a roll of frosted effect plastic from B&Q to give a frosted glass effect. We have since replaced the windows and have frosted glass at the window. At our galley window we have used a patterned plastic covering to cover the bottom part of the glass rather then have curtains, we bought this from http://www.purlfrost.com/who also do various stained glass effect panels.
  3. You are correct, the Housing Benefit Department have to refer marina berths to the Valuation Officer for them to decide how much can be used in calculation of the Housing Benefit, these are different rules to Local Housing Allowance. If you disagree with the amount that the Valuation Officer decides you can ask for the decision to be looked at again, this would have to be requested via the Housing Benefit office.
  4. If you read the comments at the bottom of the 30/11/14 post he mentions that he had used the same marina for blacking in Autumn 2009 & Spring 2012, his blog goes back that far .............
  5. If you read his first post of January 2015 all is revealed.
  6. We ate at the Bridge last week, thoroughly enjoyed the food & other half his pint. My only comment is that it is not very obvious that they are open until you get up close, by which time you have passed. I only knew they were open through seeing it on here. They need a sign further back on the towpath and/or before the bridge on the Napton side to tell people they are open, the other local pubs do.
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