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  1. I had an RCR inspection/service 2 mths ago so I would hope any problem re the mounts would have been picked up then -they were checked- it does sound like the Cutless bearing has worn out - Thanks Tony
  2. No thanks Tony - I didn'tt know that - I wasn't advised the last time the seal was replaced - I have contacted Vetus for further info
  3. I have a Vetus water lubricated stern gland. A steady drip has developed - the last time this happened (3 yrs ago) -the seal was replaced & the problem solved. Is the seal supposed to wear out? - does it have a life span?
  4. That should be Old Hookey - a fine local ale! Going down to boat at Calcutt Sat/Sun - hope it drops a little by then!
  5. Met them coming the other way on the Oxford -got out of the way
  6. Noggin

    Bicycle rack

    Is there a bicycle rack I can just bolt on to my taff rail (cruiser stern) without welding etc?
  7. The LCD giving the engine hours on my Isuzu rev counter (which works fine) is blank - every so often it comes back briefly - is this a known problem?
  8. At moment berth next to us in our marina is empty - so I have a nice big space to go at - when it's full, it can be a nightmare
  9. I've currently got an Isuzu 35 in my 57ft boat which is fine for canals, but I'd like a little more "oomph" on rivers - is it a straight forward matter to replace with a reconditioned Isuzu 42 - this was an option when the boat was built - also the gearbox is a PRM120 - I assume this will have to be upgraded also?
  10. Noggin

    Water in fuel

    Thanks everyone - not going to risk putting back the diesel after it settles
  11. Noggin

    Water in fuel

    I don't intend to syphon out all the fuel, just suck at bottom of tank until no further water drawn out and only diesel appears - I'll then keep an eye on the fuel guard - have to say the water finding paste sounds a good plan for the future -I attach dets of the cheap syphon I,ve just bought -I assume it will be ok for my purposes? Fuelm syphon.docx
  12. Noggin

    Water in fuel

    Thanks again - just bought a syphon pump for £2.88 -if it does'nt work, no real loss!
  13. Noggin

    Water in fuel

    Thanks to everyone - I am hoping that it isn't canal water! - the boat is only 2007 & I'm not leaving any trace of fuel in the water & there is no smell around the stern - I intend to have the fuel polished (I am presuming this will remove all liquid from the tank?) and then fill to the brim with fresh diesel - we'll take it from there & I will continue to check the fuel guard daily -hopefully this may be an end to it!
  14. Noggin

    Water in fuel

    This is becoming a bit of a drag! - I had a fuel-guard fitted last year so I could keep an eye on it and have been doing a daily check as part of the morning routine. Last time out, I ran the engine for 1/2 an hour, checked & set off - we conked out. The engine was bled, a new fuel filter fitted (was waterlogged) and a drain attached to the bottom of the tank -no water ran out. New seal fitted to filler cap & I put vaseline all round the filler cap to stop any ingress. Went down to boat this morning & started up, ran for 10 mins, checked & 1/2" of water in fuel guard (now drained) - would like to put this problem to bed - any ideas??? Thanks
  15. Noggin

    Tiller too low

    I would like to raise my tiller - a couple of years ago, I saw a boat that had overcome the problem with a brass "z" shape attachment - any ideas where I might pick one of these up? Thanks
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