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  1. Hi John That's a shame to have sold your bikes especially the Laverda I've got four Laverda's just love em!!?? at the moment I don't have to chose between boats and bikes they go together for me, What year was the gt? 72/3?
  2. What kingfisher like? Close to Stoke Bruerne
  3. Hi thanks for the replays first time I have used it I was away for a month during winter it's obviously a winterizing product think it was called star brite supposed to help keep seals and pumps in good order, steel tank not sure why its black flush it out again today will have to see how it gos this time. Not used as drinking water!!
  4. It's non toxic for use in pottable fresh water systems ice boats motor homes ect.
  5. Hi you lot anyone had this, flushed the antifreeze out of the fresh water tank filled it back up two weeks later it's as black as ink!!??
  6. Did you have fitted by Johns canopies?
  7. Did you have fitted by Johns canopies?
  8. Just been for a walk along the towpath at Fenny Compton snowdrops everywhere the sun was out birds singing get out there and appreciate what we have it's going to pour down later!!!
  9. Oh dear what did I start so sorry can I make up for missing these '' have two, What a smashing day! this weather seems early but as a few of you have pointed out it could change.
  10. I know its a bit early but it's starting to feel like springs nearly here and I just can't wait!!!
  11. johno38


    Can anyone recomend cover makers in the Banbury Braunston areas?
  12. Yeah going away for a few months this stuff is supposed to keep pump seals any rubber in good nick and protect against corrosion
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