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  1. Ahh now I see why your holding back!Antons a lovely guy but boy oh boy that's got to be the worse guy to try and get mob handed with I'm surprised the trip boat skipper and his boys arnt in the cut!
  2. Green Duck is this Antons boat your visiting?
  3. Allow people to stay in a ''place'' longer than 2 weeks and charge an extra £100 rather than wasting money on enforcement out side of cities and busy towns.
  4. I pay £20 a month for 15gig on EE on a rolling contract your being ripped off mate!
  5. Well the problem is this, they want you to move despite having paid to be on the water in the first place via a license they then pay someone wages to check if you have moved which cannot balance the books surely and to achieve what exactly? You have paid for a license you are not entirely taking the mick but still they want more! So go find more elsewhere instead of bothering boaters living in some ditch no one else would be daft enough to live! There are no moorings due to the anal padantics of their own nonsensical system which makes it difficult to create moorings!
  6. Yes but there are many places that could be used for in line moorings that are left to wreck and ruin its all just plain stupid. I am also sick of the double standards of this CRT who break rules themselves where they turn a blind eye to residential moorers on their own moorings that do not have residential status. Its all getting very old and very boring.
  7. What can CRT do if a boater does not want to take a mooring and disagrees with what they consider to be a reasonable distance moved, can CRT legally refuse a license?
  8. Or perhaps the system is wrong in the first place ? There are miles upon miles of canal but no moorings where people want them!
  9. Will that suffice for the boat safety?
  10. Am I better off buying two 250w panels or 5 100w panels? I am looking at bimble solar.
  11. After spending miles more time than anticipated this morning connecting my battery terminals I have began to wonder what other people have on their boats to make connecting and disconnecting easier rather than fiddiling with spanners. I also need some teminal covers but there are so many to choose from I just dont know what to get.
  12. Right I see! Is there a register or something similar for boatsafe trained gas fitters as it dont seem to be able to find any such services advertised? What would you recommend if installing a new gas supply for a boat as I need to make some informed decissions before approaching a qualified fitter anyway? Cheers. I forgot to ask what kind of price should I be looking at paying for such a service approximately? I want a gas hob and oven installing with all pipe work from the front gas locker to the middle of a 62 footer. Thanks for that. Is there any particular kind of jointing comp
  13. Does the BSS regs give instructions and or advise on how to go from Micro Bore to a domestic size pipe? I have a friend who is gas safe but he does not know what the requirements are for boats as he has never worked on them before.
  14. Really? I thought there was 1 regulation which is the BSS test?
  15. Where are you based? Boat surveyor Glenn at Captain Jacks boat yard is really helpful I've found, he's in Hyde down on the Lower Peak canal opposite Adamsons.
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