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  1. Thank you all, i have changed the loom, fuel pump and am charging the batteries for 5 hours a day, I really don't know what it was but its started to work normally again. Adding up the bills it would have been better to buy a brand new set up, but that is knowledge for the future. Thanks again.
  2. We use 150 ahc in 24 hrs the meter will zero after an hour or so but the amps will still be high so when this gets down to less than 8 i stop the engine. Then once a fortnight I put the bank on the battery charger through the generator for about 6 hours. Yes its dark now so i will check all the suggestions tomorrow.
  3. Batteries are connected to the victron 702 and I charge them when the victron reads over 150 amps used then I use the engine to charge them back up again usually till I have a tail reading between 4-6 amps. But this was suggested as the problem and 6 X 110ahc were purchased on friday and the problem still persists.the new loom hsd all the connections from the battery to the unit fuel pump and timer. I have not yet changed the fuel pump as this is working when working with the engine, fuses will be checked as soon as i come back from work tomorrow.
  4. Hello gents, my webasto has flummoxed me and a few others. Over the past 6 weeks when i switch the webasto on it goes through its pre start checks and then switches it's self off. However if I switch the engine on it fires up no problem. If I switch the engine off the webasto follows about 10mins after. Now I can hear its a power problem, but I have changed the batterys because after scratching of heads the opinion was the batterys were flat at 12.4v insufficient to start it, but it still happens, swaped the heater for one that was working still happened. So I put my hand in the pocket
  5. Soupdragon


  6. Having just had my insurance cancelled for ccing i can confirm that after a number of phone calls to brokers insurance companies. There is no one to insure my vehicle.
  7. This is where the puzzling part is. A few weeks ago i came in to find that the bmv was indicating the voltage was down to 9.7v and 17ahc. And everything was still working albeit lights were very dim. It is not a slight drop of .2v but 1/2v.
  8. My charging regime is fairly simple i charge for 8 hours once a month wiv the genny and bat charger to syncronise with the meter then i run the engine 2 hours in the morning and everytime i see the voltage drop i run it for an hour, last thing i charge til the complaints come in or in heavily populated areas have an early night inverter is switched off.
  9. A cross purpose the cooker has an electric fan and electronic ignition otherwise it is cooking wiv gas. I have now arranged to go into a marina for a week so i can take readings from the batteries a couple of hours after charging, as i want this issue resolved before winter comes.
  10. Hi gurus(guys) my batteriez are proving to be a puzzle,I have 6 X 125ahc in a 12v bank. I have a bmc 702 battery monitor which after charging says I have a healthy 13.8v in the bank. However when i start to use this it takes about 2 hours before it says thar SOC is 11.9v, i have disconnected one battery at a time for 24 hours and it still happens. The batterys are connected to:- A victron inverter 3000w which powers the fridge/freezer 7amps and the cooker + 2 more amps when running and the 12v supply to the boat when everything is switched on draws a 51amp load. Simple maths tells me that th
  11. Sorry been working nights but the rads all 5 of them have arrived and they come from the screwfix catalogue and are barlow round tops allegedly of type 22 whatever this is. In humouring you, you might get annoyed when I say when I took out the other rad I never put any inhibitor in the system but I have bought a litre to put in for the new rads.
  12. Thanks everyone I have taken the advice and have ordered new rads.
  13. System is not pressurised it has a header tank fitted above cylinder the bleed valve is fitted to the flow from the heater and there is a valve on the pipe in the bathroom wich seems to bleed this part automatically as it works on filling and occasionally when the system is working as I only bought the boat 2 years ago and am slowly coming to understand the workings.
  14. I removed an unregulated rad from the bedroom but the system has 4 rads that are thermostat regulated a d 2 unregulated still in operation, the 2 unregulated rads are either side of the stern door it is also connected to our immersion tank which is quite a size 120 litres. The sizes of the rads are 2X 3ft x 11 inches 1x 4ft x 2ft and 1x 2.6ft x 11inches. The 2 unregulated are18 inch square. Researching the boat has told me that the fit out was bespoke with a lot of things being made to measure and it had a alde heater which has been removed according to the bsc paperwork that came with the
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