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  1. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/27776-closure-of-lock-13-aylesbury-arm Posted on 03APR24 "Lock 13 is closed due to a partial collapse of the lock quadrant. Our Engineers will be providing an update tomorrow, and we will be updating this notice as the situation develops."
  2. Almost seems like spring today at Putney. My berth for a couple of tides. Hurlingham Yacht club trots. Nice little tug boat on the end for company with goose nests on it.
  3. When did Yarwoods stop ? Love the starn on that.
  4. And meanwhile the furriners have snuck in and taken all the subsidised rental properties !
  5. What about those of us who have the ability to be in two places at the same time?
  6. It also exists on a .gov website. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/energy-bill-support-if-you-do-not-get-it-automatically-continuous-cruisers I would say if the .gov recognise the term then it is actually a real status. It may have started out as a colloquialism but this has since changed.
  7. I don't have any storage space on land and the Boats arrr quite small but if I did I would be very tempted by the offer on eBay by a heritage rail organisation for 850kg of South African steam coal for £384. That would be very nice. Do like real coal. I know it is a bit dirty but it seems like a real fire whereas the dusty less smoke types are a bit clinical and boring. And dusty ! They say they can pallet deliver for extra cost. If it ended up being £425 for the sake of argument thats £0.50 per kilo which is rather good. I'd have that.
  8. Just trying to get discussion going I don't pay either.
  9. Interesting idea. Use canals for landfill then remediate the surface and build on it. win win situation.
  10. Council tax is always a fun thing to pay.
  11. Can I watch please. As a kid I used to set a little fire then put a bottle of lighter gas on it then shoot with my air rifle. Great fun.
  12. Leave the valve open in an outdoor location. The gas will come out and disperse.
  13. They have been called 5p rudders since 1971 but then to be fair this forum is full of Old People who may not have got there yet. Schilling sounds a bit German. Not sure it is sensible to have a rudder named after a Kraut. It seems to not have the airfoil section but there was an attempt to achieve it. Maybe that one was a tuppence ha'penny rudder bodged up on the cheap.
  14. There used to be a Bond Bug beside a Boat on the moorings in the river Tove just below the bottom lock. I rather like the brick flood weir just further down there under the towpath. It looks like a miniature viaduct. A very nice bit of work. Not been that way since 2009
  15. I like having a lot of dead hawthorn available. Oh yes and ash !
  16. Wood briquettes. These need to be stored dry. If you get them damp they turn into porrridge. Brilliant for burning and often very cheap depending on the season. I found some of these which were waste from a window frame production company and they only wanted 50p for 20kg. In the middle of the summer. Better than landfilling the sawdust. A lot of wood product companies have bought the briquetting machines. I imagine there was some fairly well thought out marketing but I'm unsure as to whether it proved economically sensible. When I bought some of these they were offering to cart a van load to the Boat for a good price. Trouble is they turn into porridge (inedible but exactly the same consistency) at any hint of moisture. They really do. Would be great dehumidifiers or bilge soaker uppers. Just a random example. There will be others.
  17. A lot of this depends on whether you want the fire to stay in overnight. I let the fire go out. Always nice to have a cold start and do some problem solving so wood is the answer. Having said that I also have a good supply of free wood which helps ! In the past when I have needed full time heating due to having other occupiers aboard the Boat in the form of a woman and children I used less smoke coal as I think it is cheaper and it will stay in.
  18. I'd not want to lose steering in the event of propulsion failure. Being able to direct the vessel to the side with no power is handy.
  19. I wonder how well these work with the propellor not turning. One of the things I really liked with my 55ft and 72ft narrow Boats were that they both had very good rudder blade size so could easily be steered out of gear/prop not turning. Its really handy to be able to just glide in to the side retaining basic steering ability. Presumably one can still do this with a Schilling.
  20. Yes I know. I take the launch out in all conditions provided the River is not getting near peoples houses. Having said that the River has a lot more water in it than yesterday so I may not bother with the full length cruise this week. Maidenhead to Teddington always a good run. Looks like the easter weekend is going to be quiet as there will be red boards everywhere I reckon.
  21. I'm doing an inspection tour on the launch this week so will be able to report on this matter. After these winter floods Maidenhead to Teddington in the launch should prove quite interesting. Last time I was there the old Djurberg structures were still in place with fewer Boats. Maybe it has all been taken out now. I somehow doubt it but will be interesting to see. The aerial image is wrong. 12 (9) yars in jail means there was something else happening maybe he was a nonce or something. Nobody is going to do time for selling fraudulent houseboats ? The aerial image is wrong This is the correct google maps satellite view not sure of the date. (screen shot of google maps taken by me 8.02pm 27MAR24) The dodgy geyser also had a very nice dutch barge moored at the bottom left of the image on a pontoon which extended away parallel with the riverbank. It was a really good one. Not just a dutch barge but a proper nice classy dutch barge. Real nice one. The type one rarely sees over here.
  22. Thinking of Golden Film there was a fish and chip shop near Rickmansworth called Golden Pond. Could be a useful place for sustenance in the event of not being able to get the right lube oik. I always felt a little uncomfortable about the naming of this outlet then I realised they buy the fish already deceased.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. I had a DM2 for 12 yars. Nice engine did a lot of hours. I did use Morris 30 oil but it doesn't have to be that particular brand. There are others. if you can find a proper old motor factors (good luck!) they may well stock SAE 30 be it Morris or anyone else. Nice engine. clippety clop sound like a galloping horse.
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