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  1. I had a towpath LTM for a couple of years with a concrete edge. Grand Union. In my 28 years living on boats I have never once out the engine in gear when the boat is moored but people do it. During the time I was there a 40ft section of concrete edge collapsed into the canal. This will have been quite expensive to sort out. Another problem with towpath moorings is people storing random shite on the towpath. Yes it is a breach of t&c but if the boat then leaves it is up to CRT to arrange to have the waste removed. Towpath moorings are interesting. It looks like it's just free money but once you get people living there it gets a whole lot more complicated.
  2. Except that if you already have a contract for the mooring you will be able to renew it and it will NOT go to auction unless you breach the t&c, fail to pay or decide to vacate the mooring. It's a common misunderstanding. After the 3 year term at the bid price the mooring price returns to the "local rate" and you will be offered a renewal of contract at the relevant time. 2007 sounds about right for the initial BW mooring auctions taking place.
  3. Is the fuel tank "open all hours"?
  4. Around 2009? or just before. It was BW at the time. Yes they are still a thing and are managed by "waterside moorings". ETA link https://www.watersidemooring.com/
  5. Yes but they are relying on others doing work That's the whole game isn't it. I've never done a days work but am 100% in favour of UBI as it could help in all sorts of ways some of which people have not even thought about yet. It's the obvious answer to a society rapidly being overrun by technology and automation. Everyone should be a master and nobody should be a slave. The system can handle it.
  6. According to Lord Google "Finland ran a two-year universal basic income study in 2017 and 2018, during which the government gave 2000 unemployed people aged between 25 and 58 monthly payments with no strings attached." .... oh dear! That's not very convincing and they even have me writing in a smaller font ! The idea is that you give every single adult who can prove who they are and that they are allowed to be here a fixed monthly payment. Doing it with a few thousand is never going to be interesting. It needs to be Universal. That's the whole object ! I reckon if done right it would transform society but like I said I won't happen due to greed. Oops I need to call my stock broker as I see there are some bears out there.
  7. You are showing some signs of blue sky thinking. It is important when discussing the on board lavatory arrangements to "think outside of the box".
  8. The discussion is about the lavatory not the body.
  9. It's called the "out of shite out of mind". OOSOOM for short. Conveniently this is also the sound that the projectile makes on exit from the tube. Google maps app based guidance system with target accuracy within 8 metres at a range of 1 kilometre depending on wind. Most people would think it was just a self seeking satellite dish system while in operation. Very stealthy.
  10. That is completely and udderly ridiculous.
  11. Don't know but it would completely eradicate benefit fraud for a start and a hell of a lot of admin work would be unnecessary. It could work.
  12. I think it should be "separating liquids from solids". I am a little uneasy around the principle of separate liquid and solid waste as it interferes with what is actually quite a personal part of human behaviour. Its a dodgy situation. Suitcase is ok. Pumpout is quite often ok given sensible venting. Freeze dried long range mortar disposal is still under patent (my patent) and undergoing prototyping. You can also burn it.
  13. As for the jobs situation wouldn't it be cool if everyone was just paid a basic income from the state coffers. Nobody would have to endure a shit life and those who wanted to more than a basic life could get on with it in their own time. One suspects that basic greed instinct will ensure this does not happen as a lot of people want others to toil but it's a nice dream to have anyway. Which reminds me I must check on our superyacht in St Tropèz. Not been down there for a while. There might be some mildew on it.
  14. One does not walk behind a pony or a horse for obvious reasons. I never had much to do with cows. Clumsy and not very intelligent animals liable to cause problems. Keep away.
  15. I used to muck out our ponies on the estate as a child. The smell of urine soaked straw is exstrawdinarily evocative of good times. The dung was wonderful for our herbaceous borders too.
  16. I got a bloke walking down the towpath about 20 years ago on the K&A. He seemed to be from the continent and he offered to cut my firewood for me. I judged that he was in need of some immediate assistance so I gave him £20 to not cut my firewood as I wanted to do it myself and he continued on his journey.
  17. It looks like a FM&C josher bow rather than a Yarwoods station boat bow. I know Yarwoods built for FM&C but from the description it seems to have been a Birmingham based horse boat in the Midlands and Coast fleet.
  18. ROE had a 4LK in 2017. Mentioned on page 199 of the "historic boats for sale" thread. It seems fairly improbable that it has been repowered with a 6L? unless the 4LK was scrap. Leece Neville large frame alternators are good.
  19. Is the first one the Lion that used to be moored near Braunston turn on the Oxford section going towards Hillmorton? This would have been late 90s. I remember it being a bit of an odd looking boat with a josher bow but there was something strange about the stern. Used to be painted BW blue.
  20. I did a then and now on this lock. Picture should be on here somewhere. Salmon lane lock. I walk over the bridge below the lock every weekday collecting the children from school.
  21. Norris of Isleworth know a thing or two about marine transmissions and drivelines. Might be worth contacting them in case they recognise the setup. https://tnorrismarine.co.uk/
  22. Maybe a slide hammer with a 3 leg puller attachment on it with the claws in the machined groove.
  23. You could tie a string round a blade on the propeller and lead it in through the weed hatch then put a weight on it. Then you could see if the prop was turning.
  24. Looks a bit like an HRC or similar "jaw" type coupling. Sorry if this has been said already I only skim read it.
  25. Your decimal point is in the wrong place. Average per animal 340g. Approx 9m animals. 9 million times 0.34 to get just over 3 million kilos. Divide by a thousand. Approx 3000 tonnes per day. It's probably less than this but it will be in the thousands of tonnes per day. Even just 1000 tonnes of dog waste would be a shite to behold. Perhaps if people used the DOG WASTE bins to dispose of used or unwanted dogs it would reduce the problem but they would need to be larger bins or they would only accommodate chiwawas and butterfly dogs.
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