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  1. People will still be running diesel engines on canal boats in 2050.
  2. If they are getting an exchange starter motor then presumably the company doing the exchange will know which one it is. If it is a brand new non exchange then hopefully the original one is left with the boat rather than going in the scrap..
  3. I'm not sure but a lot of the station boats were cut and converted to motors later.
  4. Looks like a BCN hotholer or station boat. Matty was an operator of commercial narrow boats in Birmingham I believe . Your pictures :
  5. I usually don't risk adverse friends. Adversity seems unwise.
  6. Water tank at the back and weedhatch at the front is but unusual.
  7. How about selling stocks ? I'm sure they did it with BT. Everyone needs a phone. Everyone needs a canal. Oh hang on !
  8. Its actually true. We were traveling back from Norfolk to Surrey with our Dartmoor pony and my sister's large show pony (can't remember the breed but won a lot of competitions) in the horsebox. Daihatsu Fourtrak. Nice old motor that was but rust problems. 'Dogs for sale' sign so my mum who was looking for a dog after the divorce was right in there. £25 each. Coursing dogs meant to be brindle came out with white bits so no use as too visible. She (pyewacket the lurcher) was just like a jack russell as a puppy but grew to be a proper long dog with real attitude. Bit of saluki in there I think.
  9. My mum paid a pony for one of her lurchers from some word removeds parked in a layby with their caravans near RAF Lakenheath. 1987. Bargain. There was a misunderstanding. We had two ponies in the horsebox behind the Daihatsu I think they wanted one of those but when she got twenty five quid out they seemed ok so we got away with the ponies and the dog.
  10. Just a hunch. I'm thinking about the prop fouling situation. Good luck with the boat it looks pretty cool. As I spend most of my spare time going around on the Thames in a completely silent electric canoe I do know how nice electric boats can be. Hopefully this one works and don't let my uneducated comments worry you too much.
  11. " The council is in the process of buying seven properties at Sherford, initially to provide accommodation for people under the Homes for Ukraine scheme and to support Afghan families currently in hotels. The homes will subsequently be available for other housing needs in the district." Interesting use of the word 'subsequently'.
  12. And mooring fees. Yes. So roughly 2x to live on land compared with living in the marina on a boat. Similar to my inner London mooring it is £12k per annum but renting a flat is more like £20k+ and who would ever want to live in a flat anyway??
  13. Keep winding on the handle and that is good news that oil is getting out of the exhaust. Don't waste battery unless you have mains power to charge or another fully charged battery. Its a bit late in the day. When it starts tomorrow it will smoke a lot as already suggested above.
  14. Clockwork innit. I still think the amount of exposed shaft between prop and stern tube is liable to cause unexpected issues. I don't want this to happen but I believe there is an elevated risk compared with having it closer in. Its great the boat is on the water! Nice job.
  15. How much is it to rent a flat there?
  16. So pretty pointless then? I've just bought a Bully XL from some dodgy breeder and I'm going to go online right away and make sure it is linked to me personally. Not.
  17. Microchips are interesting.. I was always intrigued by it as they appear to be linked to a subscription service. One day after having my dog for about a decade (battersea dogs home microchipped in 1989) I asked a vet about it. He did get a serial number but there was no reference to her being my bitch. Maybe its different these days but someone somewhere is going to want paying to keep the database live. A .gov service would be useful but does it exist?
  18. CC licence to be £3955 (averaged out) from April 2024. Don't ask me how I made this up. Saw quite a few at Rams git on sea ont the old ferry approach road a while back. People living in cars as well. What is happening to this once Great Country? Bring back Victorian Britain !
  19. Virtually impossible to enforce. Making cyclists have insurance would be easier but also virtually impossible. More incidents of police shooting dogs might be helpful. Not all that convinced about the rozzers shooting kids but ... well ... errr. Anyway!
  20. More risk of bending the shaft if the prop is badly fouled. Having said that with an electric drive presumably using modern power electronics this risk is reduced if the controller is able to rapidly sense an overload situation. Its definitely not ideal for diesel engines but could be a different ball game for electric. I'm not convinced moving the prop back will have all that much effect on efficiency compared to designing the swim properly but the models may suggest it is worth it. I think the shaft will be too long.
  21. Has the dredging programme finally started ?
  22. Nice 4 leaf clover. Too much exposed shaft is a bit risky for a number of different reasons.
  23. What about a wood fired steam engine ?
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