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  1. Is the volunteer scheme a way of saving money or just some sort of kpi thing? I think it is rather a dodgy arrangement because it discourages some younger people who may be incredibly keen on canals but need to be paid to work so well orf retired types push them out of their preferred career path. Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick. I've never had a job in my life paid or unpaid so am entirely out of touch with this sort of issue but the volunteer thing on waterways bothers me for some reason.
  2. I'm sure it is a Yarwoods stem. H&W : The top bit sticks up a lot more on the Yarwoods Boats. I think @archie57 got it.
  3. Cor is it that much now ! I remember not a long time ago it was £4 a bag at Wickes or B&M. Brazier is ok. Yes it wants to be dry. I like 10kg bags but have been spending more time at the country estate lately where there is firewood so have hardly burnt any coal products. In fact none on that Boat as I light the fire every morning. It was below freezing inside this morning. Lovely. Someone on here did mention they found 'Oxbow red' in 10kg bags but no idea where from. CPL online have the 10kg Brazier for sensible price delivered. CPL https://www.coals2u.co.uk/brazier-smokeless-coal.html As for coal give me Columbian doubles any day. Do like Columbian doubles especially on the inner city Boat ! Hot in the City hot in the City tonight!
  4. It does look like a Northwhich not a Woolwich Boat.
  5. Someone worked out how much the volunteers cost overall on an hourly rate when all the costs of arranging the scheme are taken into account. I seem to recall it was more than an hourly wage would have been for the job. Maybe this is made up but I would not be surprised if it was true.
  6. Was cold last night frost on inside of windows lovely morning lit the wood Fire the smoke was amazing then I realised most of it was condensation in the firebox and flue. t shirt time. It is the current status.
  7. Anyone know ? It says something about violators and water surface. Is this a way for Victron to get more money or might it relate to something behind the combi unit? I have a warning notice fetish. Its psychologically damaging to not know the full extent of this warning notice + I want one.
  8. The 'penalty of $5,000' is a little intriguing. One wonders who such a penalty may be payable to.
  9. It might be worth putting in a circuit breaker instead if it has a habit.
  10. Mugabe in the mirror. I'm sure he was Yorkshire educated.
  11. How much are the moorings? If it was 85 Boats paying £3k each that is quite a lot of income from moorings. Rent the house out. Dry dock already rented out. Only £50k? So thats 17.5m for £2316. £132 per metre. They have 1500m of mooring so IF it is full that is £200k but of course if it is pontoons it won't be full.
  12. I haven't looked at the listing but presumably it is freehold. I wonder what the deal is if a marina becomes porous and starts draining water from the canal. Somebody once told me their theory which was that by building a marina one may improve the chances of building houses on the land later, on this rather crowded little island. Just a theory but maybe easier than if it was just a field.
  13. I was thinking from a business point of view. It seems like a really nice business for someone if they have 85 moorings.
  14. Be Careful suggesting that! someone might paint over the whole thing ! Given that LH apparently don't offer visitor moorings any more a conspiracy theorist may suggest they would rather like use of the lock to decline over time by generally discouraging it. Another note on the waiting pontoons. Boat must not be left unattended. I did see a barge being towed away by a contractor about 10 yars ago but this of course was when the lock and surroundings were monitored by the CRT. It could get interesting with some of the smaller trip Boats or charters if they start using the pontoons as an unofficial embarking or disembarking place. Without an on site lock keeper one does wonder what the protocol is. the upstairs office in the hexagon building used to have screens with cctv which could see everything around including the entrance but this seems to have changed now. Its an interesting time for Limehouse lock I think.
  15. To be accurate it actually isn't 'essential' that the lock is prepared in advance. There are two waiting pontoons. Inner and outer. The inner is less rough. Neither of them are ideal but they are there if you need them and have steps up to the riverside promenade. Good strong ropes wanted. It was always more relaxing to speak to someone when passing Wapping police pier and have the lock made ready but the pontoons are useable I have used them more than once. They do bounce around a bit.
  16. I'll always remember Ernie Kendall steering the restaurant Bracken from Braun St On to a winding hole near Wigrams, loads of people having a meal and 3/4 inch or more thick ice everywhere. Crunch crunch crunch that must have been a fun lunch. 1994/5. It was brilliant to watch and a rare and authentic dining experience I imagine.
  17. I was told by the lady in the Aquavista office yesterday that there was an error with the tide times produced by the CRT so its probably worth double checking this, Errors do crop up. I had the tide table for Maldon in Essex for 2023 produced by the RNLI and the entire list was one day out in the sense that a Friday would be shown as for example the 3rd of the month when in fact the Friday that week was the 4th of the month. Maybe RNLI trying to drum up some business !
  18. Depending on behaviour one can use very little water. I have a floccinaucinihilipilification of washing. Clothes get soaked in the sink with soapy water then rinsed and the self is kept moderately together by navy showers. My seagoing 30ft trawler does have 5 separate stainless steel tanks totalling about 1.5 tonnes of fresh water in addition to a settling tank and filtration plant. I believe it was designed to survive the nuclear war.
  19. A couple of beer kegs can be useful. Stainless food grade 60 litre tanks. I just missed one the other day when the River was in flood. It was too dangerous to go out in the launch and retrieve it so I had to watch it float by. If there was room under the cratch one could have one each side. Cut a piece of wood for the top and it makes a handy seat.
  20. Those narrow "houseboat" things in Regents park are awful. No privacy whatsoever because the windows are far too large. Yes I know the light is nice but those things are truly dreadful. Horrid but then I like Boats.
  21. Yes this is what I was thinking. There is one of these just below Denham lock. It happens on the Thames as well. BJ Woods at Isleworth have a selection of rather large floating dry docks and Bay Wharf at Greenwich have cut in half ships which are flooded then drained. Of course if one were using narrow canals it would not work but on the GU one could dock narrow Boats as they do at Denham. I wonder what the setup would be if one were to buy land then construct a dry dock at an angle to the canal. Presumably the CRT would ask for a NAA like they do with marinas but there are not moorings because anything in there will be on land. It seems to me that given a dry dock is a standard in-demand part of infrastructure people should be encouraged to construct more of them. Of course a crane and suitable lifting pad might be easier to arrange. And also a crane means one can handle multiple Boats at the same time by using trolleys. Uxbridge Boat Centre have it pretty well sorted. A double dry dock and a crane and 3 or 4 trolleys. Very organised.
  22. I wouldn't fancy the lock entrance. I've seen it when dry and it is not all that flat. As for the pontoon I always have a dinghy so would be able to get ashore with that if needed.
  23. Ah yes the marina pontoon. I did wonder after posting if thats what you meant. Handy to know about it. I went in Limehouse lock office yesterday and had a chat with the Aquavista lady. It is ironic that such a well positioned office with a commanding view and cctv cameras has nothing to do with the lock and she confirmed they do not monitor any VHF channels. The office building was transferred to Aquavista as part of the deal. The lock wasn't. Of course the lock controls are outside so the building is not technically needed for locking although it is incredibly obvious that is what it was designed for. The CRT online booking system is flawed. I suspect the best option is to telephone the Docklands CRT office and talk to a human for advice.
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