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  1. haza

    crt keys

    it was no where near the hole. yes dirty b...ards .
  2. haza

    crt keys

    hello all .i know other people besides boaters have crt keys ,but what are the chances of this not being a boater ? i went too the elsan today .and i could not believe the state of what ever animal left it in .how hard is it to flush and clean there deposits away .what creature left it in that state could not have used original blue . my moneys on a boater sorry animal
  3. you lot have chased them of lol .that was a joke for those that can take one .
  4. my reasoning is i am fine with the company i am with .not fine with admin costs
  5. i contacted my insurance as i had changed my car .not a problem they said .i gave them the new reg fine they said .oh your insurance as come down by by £3.80 nice i said admin fee to change reg and refund me £3.80 there will be a a admin fee of £50 ,as there was only two weeks left on my cover i said dont bother . i will go elsewere in two weeks time .oh let me see if i can waver the admin .and guess what they did
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. oh patchouli them was the day .
  8. just got my new EI 207/208 series £15 needs replacing 2032 brought from wilkingsons
  9. yes thanks for that jen . the make i have is a kidde .i have just read the instuctions .it seems mine need replacing ,the other day it was bleeping for maybe 10 secs .it was telling me it needs replacing ,i would not known that if i had not just read the instructions .so thanks to you guys on canalword oof to get one just now
  10. just check mine kite marked . en50291-km988848. 2010 i suspect the 2010 is they year .if so i am way out of date am i not
  11. does it matter if its the right one or not for 10 quid .get the right one plus that one .more piece of mind i would have thought ,i have two on my boat .and i dont know if they are the right ones .past the safety .so they must be .
  12. love the uke bands bloody marvelous .the harbour master at diglis runs a uke club from the swans with two neck in worcs .use to be on a tuesday evening i believe ,we went along a few times great nite .if they still do it there pop along .mr formby invented the formby lick .if you can master that then your a good un .hubby for one reason or another can not get it he gave up on it long ago lol , also sam brown ,joes daughter goes around the country teaching uke its a great passion of hers
  13. yes hubby knows of arthurs stuff,s seen him perform very good is song called fences great tune plus many more . but thats going back a while one of is band members left arthurs band and formed the slippery hill boys a blue grass band .hubby as jammed with those a few times again a while back now tho .all very good stuff
  14. yes boys my hubbys old teacher used to say .practice a given tune a 1,000 times and your learning it .play it 2.000 times then you own it lol .but its true what they say practice makes perfic .and that is very true .hes been learning the acoustic version of .sultans of swing now for over 12 months .and theses are is words not mine .its breaking is balls .again its all about enjoying it ..
  15. well it seems there are a few that play some thing or other and most add ,but not very good .my other half as always said its not about playing well its about enjoying it .its not perfection its performance ,he also suffers from arhuritus and carpel tunnel in is hands and as done for a while now .but i dont think there is a day that dont go by he dont play even if its just for half hour .in the day and when younger it was 24/7 .going back to the middlewhich fest and the tow path jams .some guy was passing and asked if he could listen of course pull a chair up .after about 20 mins the guy said .he dabbles on the uke . hubby said hang on i got one here .were upon he started playing .i kid you not .it was a susan boyle moment ..to this day hubby says he as never heard one play as good as he did, by that fella .in conversation he said he was a boater .from yorkshire way i think , be nice to bump into him again and the others some day .regards
  16. resophonic guitar played on the lap with picks and a solid steel bar
  17. a while back before covid we would go too middlewhich boat and music fest ,most evenings mr and a few other boaters would get together. sit on the towpath playing there given instruments well into the evening and a great time would be had by every one will those times ever come back ..it got me thinking how many boaters out there play a musical instrument and if so what ? mr plays guitar banjo .and dobro . regards
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  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. haza

    dvt 1000

    yes i think so, but i just thought somthing more tecno may have been found in the time i have had the digi pro.
  22. haza

    dvt 1000

    hi every one .merry xmass to all .i have been using dvt 1000 tv digi pro for abt 5 years and it as worked fine , i was thinking abt upgrading a was wondering is there anything out there better or should i stick to the dvt 1000 kind regards
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