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  1. maybe thick .just like there rope does it matter if it comes loose .tie it again .only better next time
  2. yes tracy i now the shroppie very well .misters band use to play in the navigation a lot in the day loverly pub
  3. so thats how this boating lark works then with attitude .every day is a school day
  4. yes that is fine live and let live i say .but many many others dont .
  5. so how does this canal boating work .if one as done all .or most of the canal system 20/30 times and there is not a lot more canal out there to do .and after it all do. you have to sell your boat, even tho you still love the canals and living on a boat . .or do you get your self a nice reso mooring and just watch the world go by.even the fast boats slow boats ugly boats very nice boats ,all i hear is that the boating community is a very nice community ..what a load of tosh and bollo,,ks that is .i dont surpose any one would agree tho .i am hoping to get a reso on the shroppie soon moored boats or not its a loverly stretch of canal . dont know abt the residents tho .not that i give a toss any way
  6. we have always slowed down when passing boats be it one on its own or 20 ,going past one near kinver .slow down you ffing ugly bitch i will pull your f--king head off if i could get to you you ffing bast-- d-two weeks later on the llangollen ,i heard slow down you ffing ugly bitch and all the rest of it .were upon mr pulled over went and knocked on this guys boat to see what is problem was .he would not come out or even open is doors .found out later ,this guy is well known for doing this .seems he as nothing better to do ,as any one else come across this guy i was told , he is pissed most of the time
  7. hawne basen wheaton aston dont mind any one using cans , all they want to do is sell the stuff.
  8. as any one been prosecuted or or other.? i think not
  9. lodden is right in what he is saying .know one is forced to declare any thing , fill up and be on your way .the sellers could not care less and thats from the horses mouth so to say
  10. the bhurtpore is well worth a visit .even better when the bluegrass folk are in there
  11. we added 20ft to my 35ft springer some years back .make sure you have a survey done before the job is under taken ,
  12. hi well if you have never done the curly wurly its a must .but not many have ,2,3 miles an hour less then that most times lol i have been in theses parts 20/25 years and i luv it .being a black country wench helps tho
  13. no it wont comes with boating enjoy
  14. the way you are going thats were i will be .but the logs maybe gone by then but if not your welcome to them from wolverhampton up to chasewater .be prepared for a slow cruise ,due to weed rubbish and depth .every mile will be weed hatch time .,still nice tho
  15. on the way too longwood you pass me if you are need of any logs give me a shout .
  16. yes its all great stuff i was born around that area ,you would not now the place. and how it as all changed .one thing as not tho .bloody ryders green locks lol
  17. loverly .1st couple of mins in great bridge, i wonder if they had a pint in the 8 locks pub ,closed down now
  18. welcome bill and good luck with your boat, enjoy the ride
  19. ok thank you ,mrsm
  20. ok thanks would you have any contact details just to make sure it as regards
  21. yes i tried to join yesterday with out any joy i have even tried abt an hour ago
  22. any one got any contact details.concerning this boat thanks
  23. dont no if this helps i have EE unlimited .that as been fine with two smart tellys 2 lap tops i pad , £22 A MONTH
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