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  1. The problem that we have had over the last 20 - 30 years is that housing seems to be an investment rather than a usage. We need to get to a place where housing does not increase in price higher than savings. I hope this can be achieved. Carl
  2. When i was working on the Lime juice run around 1980 there was a chap that joined us that worked on the trains down to London. Was that Alan Bowyer? he used to sound his horn if he was passing. I am not sure that i ever new his name. Carl
  3. I cannot remember where it came from I am afraid. Carl
  4. I have a copy of an LCP Booklet No 1 that is an introduction to the Leominster canal. It contains many details and some pictures. It was written by Gerry Calderbank with pictures by Martin Hudson. I am not sure if it is copyright so cannot post but may be available online. Carl
  5. Heavy arsed buggers, Joshers..... My thoughts entirely Carl
  6. I called in for a few minutes to see the boats but the rain was heavy. I like to see which wooden boats are being worked on at AP boatbuilding. I noticed Walton was out of the water which seems a little odd as it was only rebuilt a couple of years ago. I am assuming the other boat over there is Gifford. Am i correct. Carl
  7. What time is the boat parade on sunday. I am hoping to come and would like to be there for the parade. Carl
  8. I seem to remember that Carp was owned by a chap called Graham in the1970's. He used to lockwheel for us on the lime juice. Whatever happened to him. I also remember that it ended up at Brentford at John Wooleys yard. Whatever happened to John. I used to work for John in the early 1980's. Is carp still at Brentford? Carl
  9. Drop in cabin? or lift out cabin. Brentford early 1980's
  10. Surely not. He will have to go to the gym to build up his arm muscles. Carl
  11. Does anyone know what happened to the lady before you. Cannot remember her name. Carl
  12. Out of interest which wood were the bottom strake and bottoms made from on the early bantocks ? Carl
  13. Pete I am surprised nowbody else has asked, which boat have you bought? Carl
  14. As an aside. I remember many Simolda boats in the 70's. Odd things similar to Springers but I seem to remember built by a company that normally built ice cream vans. Am I imagining this or is the red wine getting the better of me. Carl
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