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  1. Barton Turns Inn/pub IMPORTANT thread.

    I have called in at the Barton Turns on occasions over the last 5 years when stopping at Barton Under Needwood. It its at the lock, a proper pub, in the 2018 Good Beer Guide, serving 2 beers, Pedigree plus another Martons beer. It has a roaring log fire, serves bar food until 8.30pm. It is 'unspoilt', the back garden could do with some attention. It is small so often end up talking to the other customers. The same couple have run it since I have been going. Worth a try. Massively different to the pub in the marina across the other side of the cut.
  2. Rev counter stopped suddenly

    Flat battery?
  3. Bws padlock where to get one

    Ask the CRT if you can buy one https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/contact-us
  4. Rosie & Jim Duck for the top of my boat, GinJer. But I cant find one, not a soft toy, something more substantial. Does anybody know where I can get one or where I could have one made?
  5. Stenson Marina has a new website and a new owner! The website includes the Bubble pub http://www.stensonmarina.uk/
  6. Stenson Marina

    The cafe is owned by CRT and was rented by the Stenson Marina, they gave it up about a year ago and is now rented by another family, they have made improvements and is still well worth going to for a hot chocolate / butty, gongoozling at the deepest lock on the T&M. I cant think of any reason why you cant still moor for the summer there but I can imagine that it will become a really popular place to moor once the new owner tidies it up.
  7. Stenson Marina

    Stenson Marina is now 'under offer'
  8. Stenson Marina

    I've noticed this evening that Stenson Marina is up for sale. http://commercialsearch.savills.co.uk/property-detail/5164
  9. Swan Inn, Fradley

    I really like 'The Swan', its a proper pub, serving pub food, its not a restaurant. Sitting at the front of the pub watching the boats go by, with a pint, is brill. The Everards scheme is called 'Project William', the 2 local pubs to me in project William are excellent: the Robin Hood in Arnold and the Final Whistle in Southwell, both Notts. Everards have 29 Project William pubs, if the Mucky Duck is a Project William pub it could turn a good pub into an excellent pub. I'm looking forward to another season calling at the canal side pubs (including the Swan)
  10. Beer!!!!

    We always take bottles of beer on our narrow-boat, recently we have been scoring them! We have tried 25 different beers. Our top 12 bottled beers: SAINSBURYS: Batemans Mocha, Bengal Lancer, Crafty Dan, King-goblin, Leffe blonde (for hot summer days), Crafty Dan, Badger Poachers choice, Badger Golden Glory ASDA: Shepherd Neame 1698 OTHER: Gonzo Imperial Porter, Blue Monkey Chocolate Guerilla, Timmermans Strawberry Lambius (another best chilled for hot summer days)
  11. Nottingham

    The Old Market Square sometimes has things happening, a fairly impressive town square. An historic pub is the 'Malt Cross' on St James's Street, just off the Old Market Square, an old music hall, it has just had a load of lottery money spent on it. A shop called 'Dukki' in broad marsh shopping centre which has things like canvas shopping bags with 'ay up me duck' on them. Look above street level at the old builidings, eg architecture by Fothergill Watson.
  12. I don't know where the picture is of but It looks like the boat is in the Ellesmere Port Museum
  13. I want to able to switch our 12 volt fridge off (an inline isolation switch?) It is our weekend / holiday boat and we have found we don't use the fridge if we're only on the boat for a couple of days. I have the correct thickness of wire and have been told I need a 20 amp switch. I haven't been able to find a 20 amp switch, however I have a 5 amp / 240 volt switch which the shop told me that it should be equivalent to a 20 amp / 12 volt switch. So if I have the correct switch, the 2 wires from the fridge, 1 red and 1 black, can I put this switch just onto 1 of these wires? red or black? or do I need to put both wires through the switch?
  14. Stenson Lock Winding

    There is a small 'V' cut into the bank just above the lock which you are supposed to use, but I wouldn't fancy turning there especially with boats queuing to go into the lock. Below the lock there about 3 boats with permanent moorings. My choice would be the marina entrance. GinJer (moored in Stenson Marina)