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  1. Tonka


    has that now been extended with the car extension announced this week ?
  2. Tonka


    But they are probably the ones to blame for solid fuel fires going to be banned because of the smoke
  3. Not all rivers and I think that is why you need to have a licence to use them, like the Thames non tidal section.
  4. My 1994 built boat has an inspection hatch in the fuel tank
  5. It was I who said that at Heathrow Airport you do not need a Mot or a road tax as it is private land and A380's land
  6. Tonka


    Just just want to sponge off everyone one else and not pay a penny. They don't care about canal history or even where it goes as long as they live for free
  7. Tonka


    All the times I have bought a house, I have never been asked to prove we have the money
  8. But if you look at the records that canalplan show on the boat listing a lot of the ratings shown are wrong and way out
  9. Tonka


    spread that as a rumour. CRT then say it will be 25% and everyone is happy because it was less then 30%
  10. or 4 of Rolls Royce Trent engine's as fitted to an A380 as they are allowed at Heathrow. Also because London Heathrow Airport is private land then you can have any old vehicle and dont need road tax or MOT
  11. Because if you read the whole post I mentioned it with relation to the word flaunch
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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