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  1. Well I am not 100% sure. I know he has done a lot in the Calcutt area
  2. He is nearer Napton then Wolverhampton
  3. What about Caggys Yard at Tipton Or Phil Jones at Hatherton
  4. Will there is no rule but there are some water points which now having a 30 min or a 1/2 hour mooring sign
  5. Where is your weedhatch access point ?
  6. What are you taking "You have no children, and they've no children" You had the chance to leave planet earth to move where exactly
  7. I assume that is why they also have the fake rivets and inlaid panels, so that they can claim to be a historic replica
  8. Any modern boat with an old engine according to @Alan de Enfield But they are still being built and sold and according to Tony Redshaw his restored engines are compliant
  9. What does River & Canal Rescue have to do with it
  10. Your opinions are not necessarily fact
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. It must have the date of birth on so is dated
  13. Myself and 2 people who gave greenies to the post asking for you to give the evidence aren't impressed by you ignoring to give the evidence.
  14. In 1999 when Andy Burnett still ran ABNB they would only take my 1983 built Mike Heywood under brokerage because I had bought a replacement boat through them. Sold it for under 15k. Now on Apollo Duck asking 55k
  15. I think we went in 2009. We were the only family in there. She would have shut but for us. It was summertime and she had come from the Anglers
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