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  1. oil and fuel filters the same for 25/35/42 and 55 range.
  2. Cracked housing from being dropped or overtightened ? An old seal left in the top groove (making 2 in total) is a favouite.
  3. Having used one of these they are fairly noisy and very heavy. Basically they consist of an engine that drives a huge alternator via a belt.
  4. this is 12v wiring on a Polish Aqualine via New Boat Co. Fairly simple to work on. The only problem i have come across is undersized bowthruster charging cables.(IMHO) I know the bow thruster cable thing has been siad before so don't want to start another saga on it.
  5. The above statement is wrong. They should be connected to the same place.
  6. This is a tough call for a surveyor to make. As has been mentioned the original thickness needs to be taken into consideration as well as the current overall condition. The surveyor is the eyes and ears for the insurance company and has to advise them as to whether the vessel is a good or bad risk. If the surveyor gets that wrong it can be a large claim. Hence why most surveyors are cautious. We all know that a thin boat may be ok if treated correctly. Just look at how many thin working boats are still out there.
  7. 4mm is the minimum thickness an insurance company will accept on fully comp insurance. Any thinner and it will need overplating as its classed as uninsurable. You will need more than a few thousand for a full overplateing job. If you are insured fully comp i would wait till the insurance co asks for a survey.
  8. just google "sale of goods act" that will tell you all you need to know. And yes the retailer is responsible for upto 7 years.
  9. Sound like air in the fuel system. If its like most generators then the engine stop solenoid needs to be energised to allow fuel through to bleed/run. This solenoid would normally only be energised when engine is cranking and running. So lots of ignition on/cranking may sort it out. There may be a manual lift pump to enable bleeding via a bleed nipple on the fuel injector pump. If you have a manual then the procedure should be in there.
  10. Probably be the heat exchanger burst and the water valve distorted. Im my experience the water valve can be a pig to repair unless, has been mentioned you go to great lengths to put it right. Heat exchanger can be removed and the burst soldered up. Re con units are available on ebay and this is normally the best option.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. once the coolant level gets low the calorifier circuit is the first to suffer.
  13. In my experience the best thing about sterling is the customer service. You get what you pay for.
  14. I believe that the cheaper equipment just does not give out pure electric or does not like poor electric. Just my experiences
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