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In Topic: Doctor, Dentist and library

16 May 2010 - 03:35 PM

I am hoping to become a continuous cruiser, but wonder what you do about a doctor (repeat prescriptions), a dentist, library lending (I am an avid reader) and post. I am sure there are solutions but would be grateful for input.

For reading try an EBook reader. I have the Sony PRS505 and get books from loads of places.

In Topic: Open Weekend

05 December 2009 - 03:59 PM

We will be there on Sat & Sun, together with other owners.


In Topic: Ashby in october

23 August 2009 - 01:57 PM

Hi friends,
going for a solo trip along the Ashby in october, just checking there are no problems, and looking for any updates to pubs closed down etc. nothing worse than getting all neatly moored for the night and then finding the pub is no more!

Stopped at Congerstone on Friday, the Horse & Jockey appears to be closed, no optics, glasses behind the bar etc. Not boarded up and no signs in windows, but does not look good.

In Topic: Fender Holders

24 July 2009 - 02:15 PM

For a few years now, the fenders on my boat have been bothering me. They are attached by fender eye inlets which are difficult as I can never get quite the right length of rope to get them to be sit on the gunnels whilst underway, and protect the boat whilst moored.

Having looked at alternatives, I notice a number of boats which have the fenders attached to a bracket which slip onto the solid hand rail which runs on top of the cabin. The fenders sit on the roof out of the way when not in use, and are dropped down when moored. The bracket is a "square c" (if that makes sense). Everytime I ask the owners where they got them from, they tell me that they had made their own. I have had a google search for commercially available fender holders, but cannot find anything.

Anyone any idea where I can buy 4 or 6 of these fender holders?

We got some to use as spares at Sawley, but I have seen them in most chandleries.


In Topic: Feeding big carp

19 May 2009 - 05:11 PM

In a previous life I used to work at the Air Traffic Control centre near Southampton. There they have a pond, nice. However over the twelve years or so since the pond was created there are about three hundred very big carp living there, (can't get out to move somewhere else I expect).

Every morning one of my staff used to get all the old bread from the caterers and feed it to the fish. After a couple of knocks on the metal guardrail with his badge holder all the fish would come from far afield for grub up. You could see then like sharks making a sizable wake. Nearly all of them were about two foot in lenght I kid you not. There was a no fishing rule on site.

It was fun watching the ducks getting nibbled by the fish as they too wanted some bread. Occassionally you would see a duck with one leg keeping a fish at bay whilst swimming in circles eating as much as possible before it's oppos came to the rescue.

I also did some work.

Edidted for correction of smelling mistooks


Me too!! Was there from opening until Jul 04 when I went to Akrotiri. There were some huge Carp in that lake, would have been too easy to catch though.