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Ray T

Rare Opportunity to Sail Back in Time in Traditional Coracle Pocklington Canal Discovery Day

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For photo, interview, filming opportunities & chance to sail in a traditional coracle: Naomi Roberts T: 0113 2845238 M: 07557 256482 E: [email protected]

22 August 2017



The Canal & River Trust, the charity that looks after the Pocklington Canal, is hosting a special Discovery Day of free family-friendly drop-in activities taking place from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 2 September.

The rare opportunity to explore the landlocked Canal Head from the water whilst navigating the canal in a traditional coracle looks set to be a highlight of the day’s activities.

Considered to be the oldest form of water transportation dating back centuries, the construction of coracles has remained largely unchanged in modern times. The small, circular traditional solo vessel is propelled by a paddle, like a kayak or canoe. A basketwork frame made using willow or hazel wood is covered either in animal hide, natural cotton canvas (calico) or a synthetic fabric such as nylon sealed to make them watertight. Effective fishing boats, coracles are still used for this purpose, particularly in South Wales.

Willow weaving, guided nature walks around Canal Head with expert ecologist Phil Taylor of Eco Sapien, pond-dipping and a heritage trail with prizes will also be part of the free, family fun on offer.

Pocklington Canal Discovery Day marks the end of Pocklington’s Big Summer events programme and the first 12 months of the Gem in the Landscape project - a three-year programme of activity supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund which includes wildlife habitat improvements, heritage restoration activities and events.

Lizzie Dealey, project officer at Canal & River Trust said: “Pocklington Canal is a wonderful, picturesque waterway, yet it remains a hidden gem.  Over the past year our charity began a three-year project, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to restore and reveal the history and ecology of this waterway, from the restoration of Church Bridge, to an archaeology dig, making initial habitat improvements with dredging and a summer events programme.  I hope people will come and learn more about this stunning, historic canal at our Discovery Day, with even more exciting announcements planned ahead of its bicentenary in 2018.”

Pocklington Canal Discovery Day takes place Saturday 2 September, 10am-4pm at Canal Head, off A1079, Pocklington, YO42 1NW (follow the brown signs).


For more media information contact:
Naomi Roberts, National Press Officer

T: 0113 2845238 M: 07557 256482 E: [email protected]

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Having just done the Pocklington Canal in RUNE my advice would be to either drive or catch a bus to Pocklington, don't try and do it by boat. Cottingwith Lock to Melbourne, 4.8 miles; 3 hours and 30 minutes!! It is an attractive canal but you are concentrating so much on getting through the weed without damage that you tend to miss the pretty bits. Of course if you go in the next couple of days you'll be able to pass through the path that I cut, but it wont last long:rolleyes:

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