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We are renovating currently and in dire need of replacing the gas pipework. The current stuff has been removed but it was soldered together (!!). We have all the new pipework but just need someone qualified to fit it together, hook up our boiler and possibly convert our range to LPG (currently natural gas), although we could do this ourselves and can live without the oven for now if necessary.

I'm aware there are a few threads on this topic but they're quite out of date.






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Being on 'natural gas' - Is this a 'houseboat' ? (ie permanently connected to gas, sewage and water).

If it is, then I believe that 'domestic' installation rules apply, rather than 'boat rules'.


If it is a 'boat', and it is a liveaboard then GSIUR regulations apply.


If it is a 'boat' that is not a liveaboard then GSIUR rules do not apply, and installation in accordance with BSS would be applicable.

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Hi again!

It's a houseboat that we are moving to full time and are giving up our flat in North London in November - so pretty soon!

The boat is currently in Hampton Court but we are hoping to move to the River Lea in the next couple of weeks.


Edit: the cooker has been recently acquired and has not been used aboard before.

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