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6 minutes ago, Rose Narrowboats said:

46624 was originally fitted to big woolwich "Aber".



Almost all the GU Nationals started in the 46xxx series (a few were 45xxx), so no idea where 71147 came from.

That's yes I guessed the first one must have been gu as Fulbourn was only a few builds away,


71147 is where my camshafts came from there not a part number there def an engine number as the cam lobes are stamped aswell but the both have as Lloyd stamp too so could be mod or sea engine parts.


46624 I can't remember off top of head which parts were from this engine I have a feeling it was one of the cylinder heads and pos flywheel (I know this has a stamp on it) but will check when finished stripping parts down as I'm stripping down and replacing with new parts as I go so I don't get too many seals and bearings mixed up.


Thanks for info

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Hi guys hope someone can help anyone got any info on engine number 31343?


Don't know if it's a gu number or not but it's stamped all over my gearbox, odd thing is my box and engine were a built lump that got put in late 60s very early 70s, as far as I know it only had 1 full engine rebuild in this time, now the odd bit the box was originally red, there were 3 layers of colour on my box green I put on green mid brunswick then odd patches of gloss red under this mostly in the really hard to get areas, so I'm guessing it had had a back to near metal paint job although some bits were ov hard to get at and got missed I didn't miss these bits.


So engine number 31343

And second why red?


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On 26/07/2021 at 21:43, David Mack said:

If this engine was originally fitted to a GU boat @pete harrison will probably know some of its history.

Yer I'm not sure if was a gu boat or not?? Seamed odd it was a gloss red, it's not the undercoat red they got sent in it's was def gloss

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