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Izusu 42 Alternator drive belt change.


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Just done a routine check around my engine and noticed that the smaller of the two alternator drive belts is disintegrating and needs changing asap. Looking into how to do the job - there is one narrow belt (the damaged one) for the small alternator and one wide belt (which is ok) for the large alternator. To remove the old damaged narrow belt and fit the new one it has to be passed over and behind the large outer pulley. There does not appear to be enough room between the back of the large pulley and the engine block for this to happen to allow the smaller belt to locate on the inner pulley. Does the larger pulley have to be removed for this to happen, if so how ??????????? I would be very grateful for any info on changing this belt from anyone who has done it before. Thanks.

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Does the larger pulley have to be removed for this to happen, if so how ???????????

Yes, and the set screws holding it on can be alarmingly tight if it hasn't been off before. Mark both pullies with a marker pen so that you refit in the same position. The polyvee (flat) pulley will probably be very reluctant to come off; and require gentle persuasion with a nylon or hide faced mallet whilst turning it by hand. Clean the mating faces well before refitting the pulley. Applying some non chromate jointing paste (or at least some grease) to the mating faces will inhibit corrosion and make it easier next time.

Steve (Eeyore)

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Thanks Steve (Eeyore) for the info on removing pulley to change alternator belts, it was exactly as you described. Job now done and new belts fitted. I was amazed how badly cracked and perished the old one was and still working, it looked as though it should have broken long ago. Many thanks again for your help. tosher.

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