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Two Expansion Tanks

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Evening all


We have two expansion tanks fitted to our cooling system - left hand one in the pic goes to the filler cap on the engine and the right hand one goes directly into the skin tank.

Is it ok/necessary to have two? If not which one would be best to remove? If it is ok to have two which one should I fill up to get the "correct" level?



Expansion tanks.jpg

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It looks like a bit of a bodge to assist getting rid of air in the skin tank. No matter, I think you just need to ensure that when cold, there is a bit of coolant in each tank, maybe 1/4 full. It's hard to see if the one on the left (of the picture) has some sort of overflow or markings, but anyway if you monitor the levels when it is hot and cold, the aim is to have some coolant remaining in the tanks when cold, and to avoid the LH tank overflowing when hot. It doesn't look like the RH tank has any sort of overflow so I would imagine the level will only increase up to a point, as the air pressure in the tank increases.

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Yep, I reckon the vessel on the right in the photo is only there to take the place of an air vent otherwise needed to fill up the skin tank. 


But this being one of those funny-looking buzzy engines Nick likes, he would know more about it than me.





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