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ID Ruston hornsby engine


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Hi Ronny, 

I've got a 3YC on my narrowboat, great to see another one is out there. I've just spent the last 18 months renovating it, with a huge help from an engineer having been a complete novice previously. Could be useful to swap details for spare parts etc in the future. I haven't got any parts for injectors but do have a couple of spare fuel pumps. 


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If you can find old engine.org on the wayback machine that has a pretty comprehensive listing of CAV and Bryce nozzle numbers and setting pressures for most fairly common British engines.  There is also a LOT more things that you never knew you needed to know.



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Ive found you can generally swap any same angled four hole nozzles between motors without detriment to performance or smoke..................i came to this conclusion shortly after buying thousands of new Ford industrial nozzles at an auction.......They worked just as good in any Perkins DI engine as in a Ford....also in AECs,Dormans ,Rustons etc.......the odd nozzles which I think might eventually hard to get are Leyland of the 400/600/680 type............and a historical note,the first big Toyota diesels of the 1950s used Denso injection equiptment licenced to Robert Bosch,however all the precision pumping and nozzle components in the Denso system were made by CAV Ltd.

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By the way,the motor in the pic is from a Ruston Bucyrus RB10 crawler crane......this the source of most of the water cooled Rustons you see around........some years ago,the local Boral brickworks drained the pits and changed over from dragline working to big Caterpillar loaders and dumptrucks.......I got a tipoff,and bought three new Ruston motors for scrap price, a 3YC,a 5YEN,and a 6YEN.........the catch was I had to take everything then and there.....I wouldnt be let back in the yard.....My little truck had duals on the back ,and the tyres were flat down to the rims. with 6 tons of goodies.

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