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SR2 supremo required


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Hello everyone. I have a home mooring on the Leeds Liverpool in West Lancashire. My SR2 developed an oil leak around the cylinder head joint where the rods, pipes etc run so I took a look,

On disassembly I noticed one of the injectors seemed to be carbonised much more than the other. There has been recently a slight degradation in the starting (used to be first or second turn) and a bit more smoke (not black or blue smoke, something in between). The engine oil (Morris) looks and smells ok (aware of the fuel leakage issues on this engine). I would really appreciate if there is someone recommended in the area who is prepared to spend a bit of time with me (suitably remunerated) just to go over things and take a look to see if everything is in order and help to reassemble as I don't have a torque wrench.

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