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Captain Faffer is in a Fury now :)


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21 hours ago, TheBiscuits said:


I'll give you five weeks before you start fettling it ... A week up and down the Lanky and you'll have it back at your workshop!


You still dont know me hahaha. I already have plans to faffing. 


Only add moor leisure batteries and new cooker, Solar Fish finder. and a few alterations T is wanting on decor. just some of the cushion covers.


I have a mooring on Blackleach for winter only as we can atleast us it over winter and get to the sea buy Glasson Dock a few good days to get our sea legs.

I do want it home a few weeks before sea launch for a few weeks to fit a rear platform for boarding at the mooring down Wales and the Sonar. 

Lanky is nice but rubbish at same time. to shallow and full of moaners.and folk that wont do anything but moan. 


I have offered to help build a weed dredger and asked for folk to help some folk willing to but most are ignorant. i dont even use the bloody canal but love it. if folk are  not botered then leave them to it. Thats the short of it. 


So will be winter inland and summer at sea :)   



8 hours ago, Tracy D'arth said:

Very pretty boat. Are you going to just use this one and enjoy it? What are you going to do with the remains of the last one?  

There must be a limit as to how many GRP boats you can bury in your garden.


Defo, keep and enjoy it. mite be me getting lazy or just seen a dam good bargain, bit of both maybe. Other is for sale, if it dont ill do more work to make it useable to help sell it easier. not decided on if to fit the rebuilt engines i have done or keep the ones from this boat.  

And i next few years we are after a liveaboard so who ever buys this house i hope they like boats as there digging up a lot :)  



8 hours ago, BilgePump said:

Ah, that explains why I saw your first one back up for sale recently. Glad to know that it's being sold to be replaced by the new one. The Furies have really elegant lines. Have fun with it, but like was noted above I bet you find something you can't resist fettling within the first few weeks!



Oh yes a diesel cab heater will be fitted. And a fridge, all usual stuff i guess to get it as you want.  Need to keep the Cider cold :)  :) 

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2 minutes ago, Cheshire cat said:

I was wondering how Wayne was doing whilst out boating this weekend. Come back, do a bit of digging and lo and behold. You can't keep a good man down.


How the hell are you, hey i havnt forgot i ow you a length of copper pipe :) 


I think i have just got myself a mooring at Menai Bridge :) need to sort my sea legs out asap haha

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