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BS5 starter issues


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1 hour ago, MJT said:

Thanks Mike. I now have the motor back together. I noticed before, and again now that there is a thickish 'washer' between the trip disc and the end casing. This is a piece of bent wire, so obviously not OE. The effect is to hold the armature disc slightly nearer to the trip lever. Only about 1/16". As I have said, the motor has worked fine for 49+ years, but I wonder if I should try replacing this with a normal washer. I have not tried operating it yet, but I can see that it will be difficult to get a true idea of the 'full-power' moment.

Ok thanks. I'll try with the cardboard first.

That should be a fibre brake washer. 


54 minutes ago, MJT said:

The pinion housing has a screw plug for inserting lubricant - what should I put in it? 3 in 1 ?

Ordinary engine oil. There should be a spring behind the plug to hold the wick in contact with the pinion.

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Thanks for looking. I fitted the starter, giving close attention to the pinion-flywheel gap, fully charged the battery, and it works. Thanks everyone for your help. I had to get it working for our 50th anniversary (me + car) on Tuesday. We had a little celebration with my chum who was celebrating 60 years with his. Champagne and sandwiches in the garage ?


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