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Gas locker, vactan

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Hi all.


I've been scraping out my gas locker today, and have coated with vactan once the loose rust was removed.


I had a tin of hammerite smooth left over from previous jobs which I was planning to use over the top, though now notice it specifically says it doesn't need rust converters, primers etc first.


I assume just because it doesn't need an undercoat, it's not going to be an issue that I've coated with vactan first? But given I don't really know anything about paint though worth checking with more knowledagble people first.


Thanks :)

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Yes the boat is in the water.

Ok, What's the rationale behind that out of interest? Everything I would be painting is still several inches above the waterline if that matters. Are you meaning its too cold to apply the hammerite, or that the vactan will need longer before being ready?



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14 hours ago, Sam T said:

Gotcha. Is it ok to bring the gas bottle back into the locker in the meantime if touch dry, or is weight on it an issue with fully drying?

It should be fine, but move it around daily because the Vactan immediately below the bottle rim is unlikely to cure fully.

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