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  1. The only criticism I target at you is trying to silence my voice because it doesn’t align with yours. Whether you are dedicated or committed, I have no idea. And actually I don’t really have any idea what your beef is, your posts are not particularly cogent. Surely you are not trying to suggest that I command some sort of groupthink clique? That would almost be as bad as the WFC Facebook group😱 I was thinking “Flight” was still apt, as in running away.
  2. Yes it has to be born in mind that Facebook is multi-faceted. In the case of closed Facebook groups, they are often a silo of groupthink and anyone with a different view is barred. After my encounter with WFC I was roundly insulted on the WFC group. I asked to join the group so I could explain my perspective, but this was denied. Clearly WFC like to be surrounded by sycophants and no dissent is tolerated.
  3. Ah yes 3 posts and joined in late 2022, long after my encounter with the WFC. So it seems unlikely you have encountered “repetitive posts” from me on the subject. Thank you for your kind request for me to take my opinions elsewhere, but I decline. Here is a bold suggestion: if you dislike reading my posts then don’t read them. Your position of attempting to silence any opinion that is not aligned with yours, whilst trendy, is rather distasteful. Anyway clearly you are a volockie and probably a member of WFC so why not spill the beans and tell us the story of this juicy scandal!?
  4. However a high voltage low current panel configuration will lose less power between the panels and the batteries, the panel cable losses and the losses within the MPPT controller will be less.
  5. I think your point is about a matter of degree? Yes CCers are now charged more because they use more resources that cost money - I am thinking of tap water, rubbish disposal, elsan efluent etc. and they do this 365 days/year. They may or may not use the infrastructure (locks etc) more than a leisure boat. Hire boats are generally only out for about 1/2 the year and quite a lot of water, rubbish, pump out is disposed of at the base on turnaround days, so the amount of facilities used in my first group, is probably less than for a CCer (depending on the number of occupants of the boat I guess.). But they do pay more. Maybe you think that the "more" is not enough, but that is just your opinion because as I said, there is no scientific "right answer".
  6. Your question mentions “fair” but this is an unanswerable question as everyone has a different idea of what is “fair” especially when the additional wear and tear on the system can’t realistically be quantified. But they do pay more. I don’t think anyone gets very rich operating hire boats so there probably isn’t a large chunk of wealth kicking around to be tapped. And hire boats create an input channel for the next generation of owner-boaters, which helps the whole thing persist.
  7. Yes a commercial hire boat licence is a lot more than a leisure licence, about £2500 for a 59’ narrowboat.
  8. I can see BR’s point to some extent. Presumably those shiny cross head screws we can see are connected to the terminals? Even though they are recessed, it would be very easy for someone (eg a child or stupid adult) to poke a screwdriver into it and make contact with the shiny thing at 150 volts dc. Put it another way, if that was a mains connection everyone would be horrified.
  9. No I read it the first time. I do not think it is pretty idiotic on the face of it, I am confident that CRT would not have sacked the guys without very good reason. Why would they? If there is very good reason, as seems almost certain, it is not an idiotic action on the face of it.
  10. I don't see how you can suggest that it is idiotic when you don't know why they did it. It would seem highly unlikely that they did it without very good reason. And let us bear in mind that they haven't sacked the WFC, they have just sacked one or two individuals.
  11. I think it depends on the flight. The bit of the Rochdale we have done did seem quite difficult. But when we did the Wigan flight, it was all quite straighforward. We were paired with another boat which definitely helps, and I think this is far more likely to happen on Wigan than on the Rochdale, simply due to the traffic numbers.
  12. Unfortunately we were going down at the time... (and back via the Trent)
  13. Yes I think he was OK, but it was much more fun to arrive at the fairly impressive structure with nobody there and have to work out how to get through it in one piece ourselves. And boating is supposed to be about fun, not about following ze orders.
  14. In the late 70s me and my mates did the Bingley 5 rise. OMG, there were no volockies (or lockies) and yet we managed it without drowning ourselves or the boat. We must have nearly died, although I didn't notice it at the time. But we did have an SR3 which probably helped! Yes this is the thing. If only volockies would help those wanting help and not interfere with those wanting to operate the locks themselves, all would be sweetness and light. But they (some) really struggle to not take ownership of a flight and assume that all boaters are stupid and should be grateful for their help. I would be quite happy if they ceased to exist but I am not so selfish as to want that to actually happen, as I know some people want and need them.
  15. This is the kind of thing I dislike. Micro analysis of every minutia of what is actually a fairly ordinary lock flight. When we went up the flight we just operated the locks, nothing out of the ordinary and no issues. The only drama was on the one lock where we met WFC coming the other way and they started ordering us around. Making a huge meal of the flight is, either intentionally or unintentionally, a means to demonstrate how important the WFC is. But it is just a lock flight, albeit not the easiest to operate with limited crew. And as I keep saying, they were official volockies. Could we try to get that one in our heads?
  16. They are (or were) official CRT volunteers. However their “Wigan Flight Crew” Facebook group was their own thing, not under the control of CRT.
  17. Apparently CRT have “sacked” a couple of long standing volockies on the Wigan flight - aka “Wigan Flight Crew” for reasons unknown to me, and the rest of them have gone off in a sulk walked out in sympathy. Regular viewers will remember that I had a major falling out with WFC and personally am happy not to have volockies interfering helping , but still I know a lot people find them helpful on that flight. Does anyone know what the story is?
  18. Looks like yet another one that thinks this discussion forum is some sort of free professional advice service. Where do they come from!?
  19. How terrible! I was too busy replying to you on the internet to actually interact with you in person! ‘Tis a 21st century thing. Anyway, how do you know it was me driving?
  20. Yes agree about Rothens but again, being contractors to CRT and us being CRT’s customers, part of the “job description” is to be polite to us noddyboaters! In contrast to someone using the canals for the transportation of goods for profit.
  21. Ribble link - still standing around scratching their heads wondering what to do, repair not yet started. The latest Stoppage notice said “We have identified a hole in the gate seal and we are looking into it”. (OK I made that last bit up!) We are booked on 22nd which I though would surely be oodles of time, but now I’m not so sure.
  22. But surely the fundamental difference here is between a professional working boatman, and somebody enjoying leisure activity on a historic boat? The former are entitled to be grumpy and aloof because they are just doing their job, day after day, and the job description doesn’t include being nice to gongoozlers, or leisure boaters who don’t really know what they are doing and just get in the way. Whereas someone “enjoying” leisure activity on a boat historic or not, could reasonably be expected to be cheerful and enjoying themselves - otherwise, why are they doing it?! And with that goes the common courtesy of being pleasant and polite to those engaging in the same activity. Obviously the number of people in the former category is virtually zero as I don’t include fuel boats - part of their job description IS to be nice to other boaters! So that leaves virtually no-one who is entitled to be grumpy and aloof. And yet…
  23. In any case, there would be a stoppage notice about it if CRT had agreed to the closure.
  24. This seems highly unlikely. Any contract was between the seller and the buyer, nothing to do with HMRC. HMRC have to apply the law, which in this case means the seller is liable to settle the VAT bill. Anything that happens after that such as seller trying to get the money back from the buyer, is nothing to do with HMRC. I would need hard proof of this, not just an internet rumour.
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