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  1. Hi, i've got an petrol outboard and I've got several approved petrol containers, one of which hasn't been used in several years (maybe 4) but it still has a couple of litres of unleaded in it. My question is; does petrol turn bad after time or is it ok it use? If it's not ok, where do you dispose of petrol? Any suggestions, with thanks.
  2. that's what usually happens when a company goes bankrupt!!
  3. Just been into our local Focus and they're selling off stock cheap...
  4. I've tried 6 times today to try and get through and I've just given up and sent an email after being on hold for 21 minutes and still not speaking to a human. Is this a sign of things to come?? Dreadful customer service
  5. We're off on a short stint for a few days from Sawley, stopping off in Barrow or Mountsorrel.. I've been through Leicester many times and I'm not keen on all the locks over the bank holiday. So what about Birstall as our most southerly spot as an overnight mooring? Best pub? good spot? any info welcome.. With thanks.
  6. how long do you leave it in there... all winter?
  7. when you're using miltons fluid or the tablets... how much do you use? the whole bottle, how many tablets? thanks.
  8. I've got a cracking little narrowboat 31ft... built in 2006 by Price Fallows, but my job's uncertain. Any advice about selling now. Has the bottom fallen out of the secondhand boat market, has it picked up... or will good boats at the right price always sell? Questions, questions..
  9. Are there still BW showers and loos etc at Fradley and are they open? I heard that the site has been sold on. Thanks
  10. Hi, are the visitor moorings in Rugeley the best place to moor overnight? Any experiences? Many thanks.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Anyone know anything about this company and the quality of the boats. 40ft for under 40k http://www.eastwestmarine.co.uk/ The boats are made in China and sold through places like Whilton. Thanks..
  13. yeh we live pretty close so we'll be popping down... always a nice afternoon out
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Getting petrol is less of problem with supermarket garages etc. However charging the batteries is an issue on long trips so I use a gennie to top them up when we're out and about. Thanks for your thoughts...
  16. You really reckon it'll be that expensive? The chap I spoke to who'd already done it on his boat said it was about 4k all in, for the new engine and the metal work. He sold his outboard on Ebay to recoup some of the costs. However I do think you have a point it may be easier to buy a new boat.
  17. Hi yes we use them all the time. Much easier to get the stove going and less mess in the morning. In our boatmans burner one lasts all night (about 4/5 hours on a slow burn. Last time they were on offer at Wilkos I bought 20...
  18. When I was looking for our boat I viewed one at the very place. Their website has changed since and doesn't seem to work properly so maybe they've shut up shop?
  19. I've got a mate who's looking for his first boat. He's taken a fancy to Viking and been to see a 23ft 4 berth, however the one in question was somewhat shabby and no BSC. Can you please keep your eyes peeled for any good examples over the next few weeks. Location isn't an issue however closer to the East Midlands the better. Thanks in advance!
  20. We've got a 30ft narrowboat powered by a Honda 15hp outboard. I got talking to someone with a similar size boat and they mentioned how they converted their outboard to an inboard engine. I wondered if anyone on the forum has experience of this as it will obviously effect how the boat sits in the water? Also what type/make of engine would be best for a small boat like ours?
  21. This may sound obvious but you are mixing it well before use as this will effect the colour.
  22. Hi Flo, not sure about a design planner. However, we bought a 30ft narrowboat last year after looking at dozens of the same size with very varied layouts. It does depend on what you want but ours has a fixed double, then a shower/loo, then a small kitchen and open plan (dining/lounge) with doors opening on the front of the boat. They used every available bit of space and if I was designing from scratch I couldn't have done a better job. If you let me know your email I've got plenty of interior pictures. regards,
  23. Thanks, that gives me an idea. I also need to replace the anodes, any idea how they're fixed onto the boat and is it an easy job to get the old ones off and put new ones on?
  24. Hi, I'm going to use the slip at the boat club this year, but before I do how much time do I need to book off work to black our boat? (30ft narrowboat) and what's the best paint to use? thanks!
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