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  1. What ''others'' would that be then ? Adults make families and are part of them jokes or no jokes. I cant imagine many young kids reading a boring old boat forum and if they are why are their ''adult'' parents not keeping an eye on them. Kids hear all sorts in the real world from f ings to the jeffings.
  2. To be fair though houses dont cost between 10k and 70k especially if they are in a postcode area where a house will cost 500k either. Some dry docks will let you stay aboard. If its your home where else would you stay anyway? But if for any reason your engine decides to have the day/week/month off you will wish you bought that generator while you wait for someone who is supposed to know what they are doing fix it.
  3. Im no expert on canal type business Jane so what I say is just an idea as I know how it can feel when a plan just dos'nt quiet come together despite ticking all the boxes in your head talking to loads of people but then unexpected ones just pop up with their seemingly unreasonable objections! I would say steer well clear of visitor moorings though. As for someone asking where do all these visitors park when they turn up? I would dare say probably where they park when they come and walk their dog every day or when they come for their jog,walk ect! Would it not be possible to do a rolling
  4. What budget do yo have in mind for your boat? If its any help we had a quote for a new bottom on a 39 footer for 3k but because of the extent of internal refit needed and the cost of the boat left it. A friend of ours bought a 40 footer that had pits in the side near the bow down to 1mm and some 3mm so the surveyor suggested some patch plates. As it was half under water and half above they had the plates done and any suspect pitting was filled with weld. The boat was a 10k boat with a grp top that leaked which was sorted out and the patch plates and pitting was done in with the price. Sin
  5. It must be specific to a certain kind of music perhaps. It makes perfect sense to me and yes IM drummer and Piano player. Little old thick me. It depends on what you consider important in life. If you think correct capitalisation is imortant to communicate with some of the retards on here then go for it.
  6. If you think Dave has the right to go round slapping things without consequence and IM an unpleasant individual because I dont tolerate shite from people who stamp all over someone for wanting a guard dog then you can assume to your hearts content I couldnt give a toss what picture you see. I dont know where you are based but you will find it very difficult to speak to many boaters over in Ashton and the surrounding area up to bugsworth basin in the real world who feel a great deal of Love for Dave apart from his little band of internet chums. So you keep your scores with or without little b
  7. Jeez. Ive been a musician for ever 20 years must have missed that one.
  8. ''A drummer giving advice about amplifiers'' Why would that be so hard for you to understand? Our drummer studied sound engineering and music production at uni.
  9. Oh dear dear me. SORT as in how the postman sorts the letters into his little pigeon holes you goons. So in relation (sorting opinons and facts)
  10. You sort to dictate about opinion and facts while doing so you did it incorrectly. I gave you the mutual respect. Frankly I couldnt care less about little black dashes and spelling as you can more than adequately understand every word I type. I gained exactly what I wanted to gain and you supplied it gloriously as usual.
  11. Why do you want me to join your armadildo click?
  12. Well when you have finished looking in the mirror at yourself feel free to reply/troll your clik click clique needs you.
  13. I would'nt feel the need to correct your spelling if you were not spouting on about ''facts'' and ''opinons'' and your overwhelming desire to put yorself forward as the person who will pull people and make those judgements. But in person folks watch him cower gloriously.
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