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  1. Thank you gk, we are based in Cornwall and fully get your sentiments.
  2. If you have power? A bit like a house, we put lights on a timer to pop on and off and the same with the radio (use Radio 4 for voices). A few years back houses either side of us were burgled but even though we were away for a week we never got touched.
  3. Thank you for all your comments to date, they are very useful. If only they had built the network without locks and having to use rivers, it would have been so much easier!
  4. We are a share syndicate considering a move to Worcester. Most of our members are competent crew, but a few are ‘scared’ of going out on the river. I have advised them of the CRT & EA warning systems and cruising on a ‘precautionary principle’ basis. Can anybody suggest anything else to allay their fears as some of us really want to move to the area. PS I was at Droitwich Dig 10/73 so want to return!
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