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  1. Thanks again, this has been amazing - more info than I could have hoped for. Two days still it all starts.. can’t wait.
  2. Perfect. Makes sense - it’ll be fine. Thanks loads for this
  3. You’ve all been super helpful, thanks so much for taking the time to help. It’s reassuring that these issues aren’t as widespread as I thought and it’s put my mind at ease. Just looking forward to our fist cruise next week
  4. I can leave my house for a few days or a week but it’s normally only a matter of hours. Perhaps I am coming across as paranoid. (Almost) worst case I lose a window and some mess is made. As long as whoever breaks in isn’t a total dick and smashes it all up I can deal with that. Ah, that’s a super good point!! Need to get on that first thing. You’re awesome.
  5. I’m not paranoid. Do you own a home which you’ve left unlocked for going on a year? I know my village and the calculated risk. Everybody on our street has a shotgun (in the tweed-wearing sense) but I’ve not collected our boat yet so I can’t calculate the risk, hence the reason I’ve asked for support from those in the know. My mistake on the plates, I was thinking of Ali as i can powder coat them to blend in and you couldn’t tell it wasn’t steel you get the grinder out..and in that case it’s too late anyway as the sides are 4mm. and I’m not talking about a ‘bat-phone’ here..it’s a means of me knowing what’s going on for piece of mind and having the opportunity to address the situation, albeit remotely. yeah, nice one. Thanks for that.
  6. Nope. Just had it done March so all should be well. A secondary main switch would be no different than a radiator value or cooker isolator switch and tantamount to one of the 6 or 8 trips you’d have in a fuze box. It’s just another isolation switch, makes itnsafer if anything. Also viewed quite a few boats with recent BSS and the electric setups are mental (including ours)
  7. Nope. Boat was checked March so should be peachy. In terms of a secondary ‘master’ you could consider a radiator-valve or cooker isolator in the same vein. Or it’s tantamount to say the 6 or 8 trip switches for your DC circuits. We’ve viewed quite a few boats with recent BSS and (from an electronic Engineer) most are laughable (including ours!)
  8. No problem, just put in a secondary ‘master switch’. If the second is open or on) and there’s an issue the relevant people can switch it off. If the secondary is closed (or off) then there’ll be no power and no problems. Sure the BSSwould be fine with that.
  9. True, but somebody telling you your being watched would certainly make me scarper. My baby monitor tells my watch every time there’s a movement or sound and I can see and talk to her wherever I am in the world. Theres gotta be something similar for boats..or if not I’ll just buy a few more nanitCams!
  10. All brilliant points. I’m not overly paranoid. I live in a village and my back door has been open for months (lost my key) but it’s good to know break-ins aren’t rife on the waterways, not to saying doesn’t happen. I thought moored boats would have been an ideal target for squatting..easy to scope, all mod-cons and often isolated. We will keep moorings our target, just be good for feel reassured when it’s not possible
  11. Thanks, that is super reassuring. I’ll order the CCTV stuff just as a precaution tonight in time for our maiden voyage and hold fire on the plates until I get a better feel of what we’re dealing with, which means I don’t need to go into work tomorrow!
  12. Robm - In terms of the CCTV I’d have no option other than to alert the authorities that a break in is in progress and a 2-way intercom to warn the trespassers (that I have their photos and police are one their way) helps. Whether the police arrive in time to avoid damage or if they can be assed to walk up the tow path is out of my control, but for a few 100 it’s worth it. martyng..No I have not considered the weight of the plates but to hazard a guess I’d say c.3 or 4kg ea. So physically lifting isn’t an issue (mid 30’s and as a fiddle). Storing isn’t an issue - it’s a 70’ boat for me, partner and child with loads of storage so I think we’ll be fine..might need 30x300x250mm. If you’re point is regarding weight distribution then there’s bus windows on each side to balance and standing on the side didn’t sink her. And as mentioned, previous owner us done a bloody good job on the doors. totally agree mooring would be ideal but I have my own company which allows me to work remotely but if I get called in I need to go in - I won’t always be able to afford the time trying to find suitable mooring, unfortunately
  13. Hi Arthur thanks for the super speedy response! Reassuring to know there’s so few thefts considering the number of boats but I’m not so worried about that. There’s plenty of parts I’ll be taken to make sure it doesn’t sail and the CCTV/GPS will help..what I am concerned about is somebody putting a window through to squat or to just have themselves a drunken boat party..and the damage done can be pretty swift. The doors at the bow end are metal and secure and the stern hatch is reinforced. So it just leaves the 7(!) bus Windows! If we can find temp morrings wherever we land then happy days - I’m just mindful that with our work commitments it might not always be that simple. In an ideal world, I’d like a back up. 7 steel plates would be easy to stow and maybe take half hour to fit. Then it would be an angle grinder job through the cabin and I doubt many would be up for that.
  14. Hiya folks We’re taking our first foray into boat life next week and we’re super excited. Our offer has been accepted on a lovely 70’ trad narrowboat just North of London and we’re trading for the keys on Tuesday. Just have a quick question if that’s OK. Our plan is to navigate the waterways of the UK half the month then return home, so essentially 2 weeks on 2 weeks off unless work permits otherwise (which could go either way). Permanent mooring, as far as I understand it is out of the question as we couldn’t go far enough before returning. So the first question would be how difficult would it be to find temp, secure mornings for the 2 weeks we’d be away from the boat in various locations. The follow-up would be on securing the bus Windows so we can leave her (with CCTV/ alarms) on the towpath with some piece of mind. Is there anything wrong with drilling M8 holes through the cabin sides, one on each side of every bus window? The plan is to secure 5mm steel plates over each window by bolting from inside the cabin into threaded holes on the rear of the plates. I’d use grommets to keep it water tight when we’re on the boat, I just want to double check on structural integrity or whether any other potential issues could crop up. Thanks loads! The comments, info and users on this forum went a huge way in making us take the plunge so I hope I can be of some help once I know more.
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