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  1. I wouldn't normally bother, but given the trite response and casual insult... Unless you run a sewage works at your house or on your boat then you too are reliant on someone else to get rid of your personal excrement, unless you think the problem magically disappears when you flush. The difference being yours is a good deal more unpleasant for the poor sods who ultimately have to deal with it, and considerably worse for the environment than what a composting toilet user might leave at a proper collection point for transporting and processing into what is ultimately a valuable commodity.
  2. In my original post I gave a link to a Veolia web page that listed sites accepting composting waste to illustrate that such sites not only existed, but were run by a company that also provided waste collection services which could use them. I then advocated for lobbying CRT to provide suitable collection facilities for the benefit of all of us and more importantly, the environment which they are charged with caring for. Hence my surprise at the negative attitude and fuss generated by what could be a relatively simple and inexpensive solution to the issues faced by both boaters and anyone who gives a damn about the environment. What else precisely were you expecting to elicit from me?
  3. No. I learnt all about composting toilets 30 years ago along with many other aspects of sustainable living as part of a mainstream Architectural education. The full process of composting typically takes place in larger vessels away from the toilet (or at best, under it) because, obviously, a toilet can neither contain sufficient waste for this length of time nor deal with the need to do it in cycles so new waste is not added to waste that has completed it's processing. Next.
  4. I don't see why. Boaters with pumpouts and composting toilets pay for Elsans but don't use them. We don't use every service we contribute to, that's the nature of taxation and the distributed costs associated with living in a civilised society, and ensuring human waste is disposed of in a sustainable way benefits us all. Even this point is moot anyway since as I've already said, it's the direction of travel whether you like it or not, being more sustainable than any of the other solutions in the long term. If I recall the starting point of this thread was that composters were told overnight that CRT guidance was changing and they could no longer do what they had previously been told they could. This was a management failure by the CRT and the results were entirely predictable, it has nothing to do with the behaviour of composting toilet users. No one is using them incorrectly. A composting toilet itself is designed to start the process not complete it and given the marine application it is unlikely the end user is in a position to complete it either - but yes, a holistic solution is required to support the process. If councils can provide in some cases up to 4 different bins to categorise and collect household waste it is not beyond the wit of man, the CRT and companies such as Veolia to provide suitable collection facilities at rubbish points. In my experience the 'atmosphere' shall we say, around and inside Elsan points is considerably more unpleasant than any effect of composting toilet users currently putting their double bagged waste into regular waste containers (which I am NOT condoning) so once a suitable collection point is provided I do not see the problem. Honestly all I see is reactionary posts citing would are essentially trivial issues with what is otherwise a considerable improvement in the sustainable disposal of human waste over the long term. I don't get what would motivate anyone to be so negative. I appreciate changes in behaviour need to be supported by organisations such as the CRT to make them happen, but surely far better to encourage and lobby for positive change than simply resist what is, as I said before, the direction of travel.
  5. So much fuss over something so easy to achieve, relatively inexpensive and so much better for the environment than current practice. Whatever, it's the direction of travel whether you like it or not and I believe it behoves organisations such as the CRT who have a stake in our natural environment anyway, to be leading the way and helping to facilitate practices which in the long run help to sustain it. Veolia recycling-reuse-and-treatment-facilities
  6. Whilst I have a Brompton and love it for commuting to work, I wouldn't recommend them for the towpath as they have smaller (16") wheels than most folding bikes and do not fair well over rough ground in my experience. If purely for roadwork at your destination then they'll be fine, and of course fold smaller than anything else.
  7. That's the kind of engine room that would pursuade me to care for an elderly motor.
  8. Thanks. Do you have a link? I tried searching on the name but came up blank...
  9. Hi, new member here, I've been hiring boats around the country for nearly 10 years but thinking of taking the plunge with my own boat. I was going to post in the boats wanted section but figured since I'm scouring the brokerages daily anyway I'd be better seeking some feedback from the knowledgeable members here for my 'wishlist'. I know a lot of it is subjective and that I also shouldn't let it limit my choices if I find and like the look of something different, but it's good to start with what we think we're looking for right? I have £40-£50K for a 38 foot - 58 foot leisure boat for 2 people, I don't mind a bit of work painting, tidying it up or reblacking but not a project boat. Preferences: Trad/Semi Trad stern; shapely bow; would consider a tug if it didn't compromise space too much. Undecided about more modern marine engine or older/Lister etc but I'd enjoy a bit of mechanical tinkering as much as silent running. Solid electrical setup not a birds nest, but I can upgrade if required (batteries, inverter, solar etc.) Not a pump out toilet - I would like to fit composting as it's not a live-aboard I can empty occasionally within the new CRT guidelines. I'd prefer a tired 'orange pine' interior to a grey and white 'London boat'. Portholes or if not a mix of windows, and a centre hatch would be nice. Woodburner. Not sure about loose furniture or built in dinette/L shaped seating in the living area. Not sure about water heater - gas combi, Eberspacher, back boiler etc. Any part of the country but could relocate it myself in stages to the Midlands as part of the adventure if prices are less much further up North. Not asking for much am I?!? Any ideas? What have I forgotten? Examples/links, even if sold already, you think fit the bill to help me get an idea of condition for the price etc?
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